Look a little closer at Lena Dunham's new nail wrap collection.

Fans of Lena Dunham‘s newsletter Lenny can rejoice: there’s now an official shop where you can purchase wickedly cool things you never realised you needed but now desperately want.

Our pick? The “nude” nail wraps, inspired by vaginas and other female body parts. Yes, you read that correctly.

Really, would you expect anything less from the creator of Girls?

The nail wraps. Image: Instagram.


At first glance, the wraps look like your perfectly normal geometric design in a mix of 'nude' shades like black, white, peach and pink.

But take a closer look (maybe grab a magnifying glass) and you'll quickly start to see rough shapes of breasts, bums and vulvas.

Once seen, you won't be able look at them in quite the same way.

Watch: an easy way to summer-fy your french manicure. (Post continues after video.)

The inspiration alone might scare a few people off, but don't write them off just yet. The brilliance of the wraps means they're heartbreakingly cool enough to make a statement, but conceptual enough to safely rock them at the office or dinner with the in-laws (providing they don't study your hands too carefully).

The cheeky design is a collaboration with the founder of Rad Nails, Chrissy Mahlmeister, and promises to end the never ending search "for the ever-elusive 'nude' nail colour." Brilliant.

Looks aside, the wraps are also non-toxic and 100 per cent vegan, and cost around $16 for 20. (Post continues after gallery.)

It's also worth mentioning that nail wraps are a great way for even the most uncoordinated nail painters to get complicated designs on their fingertips.

They're currently the only beauty product in the Lenny shop, so we'll probably be filling our space with "Feminist"-emblazoned bunting, embroidered patches and a Lenny sweatshirt while we wait for more.

What do you think Lenny should bring out next?