Lena Dunham's run-in with a well-known producer shows Hollywood's dark side.

Imagine this: you’re heading out on the town after a long day of shooting your hit TV show on location.

You’re drinking and eating with your colleagues, when you meet a producer from another TV show.

Then, he corners the star of your show and tries to persuade her to convince a fellow actress to get naked on screen.

Lena's fellow Girls writer has revealed the sexist conversation she had with another big TV name.

Sounds creepy, right?

That's exactly what happened to Lena Dunham, as Girls writer and showrunner Jenni Konner writes in the latest edition of Dunham's Lenny Letter newsletter.

"Last night, after wrap on location, Lena and I and a few co-workers went into town to eat. We ran into a small portion of the crew of another TV show that shoots nearby and introduced ourselves," she wrote.

Lena Dunham in 'Girls'. Image via HBO.

"Within five minutes, a producer/director of that show had cornered Lena.

"Though the rest of us were are all in vaguely separate conversations, we were able to hear what was said. Or shown in this case: an iPhone photo of a mutual friend with a cock next to her face, ostensibly a still from his TV show but shown at a completely inappropriate time."

The director then asked Lena to join him for dinner with an actress on his show, so Lena could help persuade her to "show her tits, or at least some vag".

Jenni Konner and Lena Dunham. Image via Getty Images.

"Surely Lena could make a compelling argument. After all, he continued, 'You would show anything. Even your asshole'," Jenni wrote.

Jenni argued that despite the open sexual nature of HBO's Girls, this conversation between Lena and the director was in an entirely different - and completely inappropriate - context.

"This man approached a woman at a social gathering and asked her to help convince an actor to show her tits," she wrote.

"This is something a man felt compelled to say to a Golden Globe–winning actor, showrunner, and best-selling author who just happens to be female.

"So it’s easy to speculate what might be said to women working with him, under him, dependent on his approval. Despite Lena’s obvious discomfort, he then went on to critique and crudely evaluate the bodies of all the women on his show."

Jenni finished her letter by urging women to speak out about this type of "outdated, hideous behaviour".

"Our voices are our superpower," she wrote.

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