Fluff: Lena Dunham just out Lena Dunham-ed herself (in interpretive-dance).



Big Lena Dunham fan? Of course you are.

Can’t get Sia’s new song, Chandelier, out of your head? Us either.

Well then, all your/our wildest contemporary pop-music fantasies have just come true, because Lena, 28 just performed an interpretive dance and lip-synch routine to Chandelier. And it was every bit as flawless as you’d expect.

The Girls creator’s tongue-in-cheek performance was shown in segment for US talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers last night.

Watch the full thing, which involves Lena wearing a blonde wig that mimics Sia’s haircut, right here:

Oh, that’s Sia performing face-down on the bed, by the way.