Lena Dunham has retired her white-green hair.

Rest in peace, Lena Dunham’s platinum blonde-then-green hair. (2014-2015)

The Girls writer/star and author had a lot of fun with her naturally light brown hair last year. First, she chopped and dyed it into a platinum blonde pageboy bob. Then, as if that wasn’t enough of a change, she put a bright green rinse through it.

In case you’ve got a goldfish memory for celebrity hair matters, here’s a visual timeline:

But now, with 2015 in full swing, the follicular fun and games are over. Lena's hair is officially back to business.

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Last night, at the premiere of the fourth season of her award-winning show, the 28-year-old showed off her latest colour: a gorgeous chocolate brown. Yep, she's crossed over to the dark side.

Actually, as you can see here, the Girls, ah, girls really nailed the whole red carpet hair thing.

Zosia Mamet, who plays the hilariously neurotic Shoshanna, wore her new silver bob softly waved; Allison Williams - i.e. the perennially uptight Marnie - looked chic with a simple updo; and Jemima Kirke wore hers up all loose and bohemian, a style we know her character Jessa would approve of.

If the hair is anything to go by, this season is going to be excellent.

Check out Lena's new brunette hair and the rest of the celebrity styles we're obsessed with lately: