Leigh Sales on "the worst year of my life, easily".


‘I would like to judge my moment to go before people get sick of me’.

On the latest episode of Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, Mamamia Content Director Mia Freedman spoke with 7.30 host Leigh Sales about how she deals with haters, what it’s like interviewing some of the most powerful people in the world and how she almost died during the birth of her second child, James.

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“The end of (my second) pregnancy (in 2014), I had a really disastrous birth, I had a uterine rupture… I had a massive haemorrhage and emergency surgery and stuff,” Leigh told Mia.

“So I woke up…. and I didn’t even see him for the first few days. I didn’t hold James for three days. I didn’t have him in my room till day four…. I wasn’t even conscious when he was born.”

Sales was in hospital for weeks on end following James’ birth. And then at five weeks, James got viral meningitis. 

“It was definitely the worst year of my life, easily,” Sales said.

Listen to Leigh talk about her childbirth experience here:

However, six months later she was back in the 7.30 seat, asking the tough questions.

“Life is so relentless — you just have to keep marching forward no matter what is going on.”

Following her return to the 7.30 chair, Sales has gone from strength to strength. And as for the haters? She says there isn’t much you can do about them.

“Twitter in particular is not very representative.”


During Malcolm Turnbull’s first interview on 7.30, Sales was called out for being ‘too soft.’ Some people even implied that she was flirting with the new PM.

“Malcolm can be quite funny and entertaining, and it’s good TV,” she said.

“So if I have a guest who says something entertaining, am I meant to remain completely pokerfaced and not act like a human being, in case I’m accused of flirting? I think that is just silly.”

Watch the interview here:

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“Pretty much any given night of the week there will be a section of people on social media who will be saying that I am the anti-Christ. And then the following week they’ll be like: ‘Oh you’re awesome. You’re a legend.’ I put about as much weight on people telling me I’m hopeless as I do when people tell me I’m a legend.”

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