It's about time! Nominate Lisa Wilkinson and Leigh Sales for the Gold Logie.

Australia, there’s a great injustice that needs addressing.

Year after year, their respective TV networks (in charge of campaigning on behalf of their stars) have let this travesty slide. And we’ve let them. But no more.

It’s time Lisa Wilkinson and Leigh Sales were nominated for the Gold Logie.

And at Mamamia, we’re asking you to help us make it happen (even though neither of them work for us, we wish they did).

Look. Karl has won one. Waleed won last year (despite only having worked in TV for a few minutes) and someone from Home & Away is always nominated – as Lee Lin Chin was last year.

Karl Stefanovic, Logie winner Via Getty.

No disrespect to anyone who has been nominated or won a Gold Logie. But don't you think Lisa and Leigh should be among the handful of TV personalities nominated for the biggest TV award of the year? And the fact they NEVER HAVE is a bit odd?

They're two of the hardest working, most experienced, most talented, most respected people in television.

They're each absolutely on top of their game. Yet neither journalist has ever even received a nomination for the industry's top gong. WHAT INJUSTICE IS THIS?

That's despite the fact that this year, they'll complete a combined total of close to 1000 hours of LIVE television: Leigh as the formidable anchor of ABC's 7.30 programme and Lisa in the chair every day for 3.5 hours at Today on Channel 9.

But, of course, it's not just about quantity...

best women of 2016
Lisa has never been nominated for a Logie. How is this possible. Image: Getty.

As one half of the top-rating brekkie show - a role she's owned like a boss for almost 10 years - Lisa delivers daily proof that morning television can be smart as well as entertaining.

Whether it's talking motherhood with Rebecca Judd or grilling mining magnate Clive Palmer on behalf of his former employees ("Why don’t you pay the entitlements for the 200 families?”), her celebrity interviews go deeper, her political ones go harder. She is fierce, fearless, funny and friendly.
Ever wondered how the Logies voting works? The Binge explains.

At the other end of the day is Leigh Sales. The whip-smart, award-winning journalist who Malcolm Turnbull reportedly described as the most beautiful woman on TV (and the best political interviewer) has everyone from Justin Timberlake to Bill Shorten rolling over like a Golden Retriever puppy under her forensic gaze.


Leigh asks the questions we, as viewers, want to know. Four nights a week. Every week of the year.

Take the post-budget interview with Treasurer Scott Morrison: "What was the point of your three years in government?". Or the time she showed the PM who's boss: "I ask the questions on this programme."

It's an approach that's inevitably flung her into the firing line of social media trolls. But even in the face of that "river of disgusting, sexist and relentless abuse", she didn't back down, sharing their harsh words on social media and inspiring other famous Australian women to do the same.

That tenacity propelled her through ABC's marathon election coverage the following day.

At 1am, after a record-breaking 7.5 hours expertly anchoring the panel, she was still delivering the zingers: “We’ve broken the record: suck on that, Kerry O’Brien."

"Suck on that!" Image: ABC.

We could go on and on about Leigh and Lisa, but the truth is, we don't want to waste anymore of your precious voting time.

See, even though the nominees aren't announced until March, the polls are open RIGHT NOW!

And they close on Sunday. That's this Sunday, December 18.

As TV Week Editor Emma Nolan told Mamamia's TV podcast, The Binge, after that it's all too late.

"All I can say if people want people to win they need to get online and vote, and do it now.

"Don't be complaining later if you favourites don't win," she said.

"Now is your chance to have your say."

You heard her, women of Australia! It's time to back Lisa Wilkinson and Leigh Sales.

Join the campaign by encouraging others to vote using #LisaandLeighForGold .

Head to the TV Week website to vote for Leigh and Lisa today.


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