Lee Elliott is planning an "old-school" proposal to Georgia Love.

Although they met in a (very, very, very) non-conventional way, The Bachelorette‘s Lee Elliott is planning on an “old-school” proposal to Georgia Love.

Speaking to BW Magazine about their life together since the reality TV show wrapped in late October, Lee and Georgia say they’ve each found “the one”.

“I’ve got the right person … I am old school … I want to do it right,” the 35-year-old mechanical plumber told the publication.

“I will ask her dad [Chris Love] for her hand in marriage and do something special.”

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While Lee plans to propose a fair way down the track, the duo have talked about moving in together. TV presenter Georgia, 28, decided to move back in with her father Chris after losing her mother Belinda to pancreatic cancer just days after The Bachelorette finale aired.

“Every time she stays, there’s just one more thing that she leaves behind so slowly but surely she is moving in and before I know it she will be moved in,” Lee said.

Lee’s decision to ask Georgia’s father for permission is in-keeping with tradition, and has us wondering if Georgia will also have her father walk her down the aisle to ‘give her away’.

“I got married in 1999, and I had a son who was two years old at my wedding, and I didn’t let my father walk me down the aisle,” Mia Freedman explained on our flagship podcast Mamamia Out Loud in September.

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“It is, I have to say, one of the biggest regrets of my life that I didn’t do that,” she said.

“I didn’t [let him walk me down the aisle] because of feminist reasons… and I really, really regret it. Many years later, I wrote him a letter basically telling him how deeply sorry I was for robbing him of that moment, because that’s what I did. And for what? To prove a point?”

Whatever the case, we love seeing Georgia and Lee’s romance continuing to evolve and can’t wait for future engagement news.

What proposal/wedding traditions do you think need to be binned?