You Can't Cry Over Spilt Prime Ministers.

After five Prime Minister’s in eight years – are we really back here? We can’t guarantee that we’re 100 per cent sure who the Prime Minister is right now, but on Tuesday Peter Dutton challenged Malcolm Turnbull for the Prime Ministership. Suddenly it is 2012 all over again. What the heck is going on in Canberra? We get Sharri Markson, the National Political Editor of the Daily Telegraph to explain.

Plus, Madonna is 60 – and there seems to be a real generational divide about who cares. Which begs the question, is she still relevant?

And Jacinda Ardern turned down a pay rise and the Minister for Women in New Zealand rode a bike to the hospital to give birth – so why do the Kiwis get all the cool politicians?

The End Bits

Hosts: Holly Wainwright,  Jessie Stephens and Mia Freedman

With thanks to Sharri Markson.

Producer: Elissa Ratliff

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