Lea Michele chopped off her long hair.

Image source: Instagram @msleamichele

There must be something in the coconut water – every time we look at Instagram, another celebrity chops off their hair.

It appears the latest to do so is Glee star Lea Michele, although she’s being a bit coy about it.

The Chop: “Why I jumped on the long bob bandwagon.”

Very nonchalantly, the 28-year-old actress regrammed a picture from her co-star Becca Tobin, featuring the pair at a Glee rehearsal wearing blue sequinned outfits (cue jazz hands). Once your eyes adjust to the copious amounts of glitter, you may notice Lea’s hair is several inches shorter then we’re used to seeing it.

The caption reads “At #Glee today with @becbecbobec.”

Um, hello – what about your hair, Lea?

Lea's lob

Since entering the public eye, Lea's trademark has been her flowing brown hair. She has worn it dark, light, balayaged, straight, wavy, and occasionally with a fringe, but never drastically changed its length.

However, in recent seasons her Glee character Rachel Berry has grown up and ditched her trademark girly headbands, animal sweaters, and knee socks - and now it looks like she's ditched the hair too. So is this just an on-screen makeover?

Kate Bosworth just chopped off all her hair.

We suspect the cut may have been a spur of the moment decision, as Lea's recent Instagram photos show her rocking her signature cascading long waves. This chop has burst onto the scene smack-bang in the middle of award season, so we're excited to see how she will style it on the red carpet.

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