Lea Michele has enormous eyebrows now.

Images: Getty.

We have a late contender for Brows of the Year, folks.

Glee’s Lea Michele walked the red carpet at The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast overnight with enormous eyebrows.

If, like us, you haven’t been tracking this under-the-brow-radar actress until now, this is what her forehead framers looked like previously.

Why everyone is angry about “Instagram eyebrows.”

New York magazine's The Cut speculated that perhaps Michele had found an eyebrow-growing serum that worked, or perhaps she'd been to see the brow gurus at the Benefit brow bar. Either way she can pull them off, but those of us who over-plucked our brows in the 90s would really like to know what product she's using. We're asking for a friend...

What products do you use to fatten up your brows?