Former bachelorette Laurina Fleure says this year’s winner is obvious.

Laurina Fleure, 31, is many things. She’s sophisticated, owns an online boutique, will not eat a dirty street pie even if you pay her, and is probably psychic. We figured out the last one when she mentioned that the woman Bachelor Sam Wood is going to pick this year is glaringly obvious. Staring you right in the face.

He’s head-over-heels for intruder and “amazing eyes” Lana.

Lana (left) with best friend and model Laura Dundovic. Image: Instagram.

Laurina has told to the Daily Mail that she still watches the show "religiously", and says she's tipping Lana for the win.

"At this stage he is just so interested in her and all his attention is set on her," she said. "He's so keen on her," she added.

This will probably come as no surprise to anyone who has spent longer than five minutes watching the show, but we're pretty sure Nina would be p*issed that one of the "originals" didn't capture the Bachelor's heart.

Lauren wearing clothes from her online boutique. Image: Instagram.

For Laurina, life is slowly getting back on track after a nasty intestinal problem caused her to seek medical treatment during her stint on the Bachelor 2014.

Yesterday she uploaded this picture to show her fans that the scars from her surgery are finally healing.


Finally confident enough to run round showing off my scars.. Been 6 months since my twisted intestines operation and they're healing up. I've had a few injections called 5FU that help dissolve the scar tissue. But mostly it's just time ? #healing #scars #operationaftermath #twistedintestines

Yes, twisted intestines is actually a hashtag.

Laurina's scar is slowly healing. Image: Instagram.

We hope her health and predictions are in order as we wait to see how Bachie Wood takes the "meet the parents" episode.

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Who is your pick to "win" Bachelor 2015?


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