Laurina says Shane Warne's "real side" came out when the I'm a Celebrity cameras stopped rolling.

Former Bachelor and I’m a Celebrity (Get Me Out of Here) star Laurina Fleure has shed some light on what it was like living in the middle of a jungle with Shane Warne.

True to form, Fleure didn’t shy from calling it just as she saw it, explaining to The Fix that although overall she considers the cricketer a “good bloke” she took issue with how he approached their reality TV experience together.

“Look, he’s a good bloke, he’s really funny, and I think he’s a really good dad,” Laurina said of Warne.

“But the thing that upset me that I felt that the public didn’t see, was him telling me, ‘Oh Laurina, you’re not being a lady on camera’.

She also believed he wasn’t as genuine as he perhaps could have been in front of the cameras.

“At night time, when he thought the cameras were off, he’d be telling some filthy stories to the boys. His real side would come out when the cameras were off – at least I was being real in front of the cameras.”


One can only assume Fleure’s comments come as a result of a blow-up the duo had in the jungle after Warne criticised the starlet for engaging in conversation about passing wind.

“Laurina, girls don’t talk like that. They don’t talk like that,” he said at the time.

“Maybe think an extra couple of seconds before you open your mouth about farting at dinner time,” he finished.

“It was a little bit surprising. Well, it was not actually surprising, that was the sad part,” he then told the camera after the conversation.