"I am all for plastic surgery. I love it." Laurina Fleure is candid about her enhanced face and body.

Laurina Fleure in the opening credits for “I’m a Celebrity….Get Me Out of Here!” Source:

In her refreshingly confident style, Laurina Fleure told that she’s had plastic surgery.

“I have had a few cheeky nips and tucks,” said the 31 year old contestant of The Bachelor and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 

In her usual style, Laurina chose not to hold back on any of the juicy details of her surgeries.

“I started off having my ears pinned back. I’ve had my breasts done. I’ve had scar augmentations on my tummy. I’ve had liposuction in my armpits to take away the perspiration glands so I don’t sweat. And I have Botox as well. My forehead still moves but the frown lines don’t. I’ve had a peel. I am all for plastic surgery. I love it. I’ve got nothing to hide,” said the reality TV star.

If only more celebrities could be like Laurina. It’s refreshing to see a woman in the spotlight who will candidly discuss changing her appearance, using means other than sunscreen, water and breathing.

Laurina on "The Bachelor Australia", season 2. (Source:


Laurina admits this when she discusses her approach to beauty. “There are some people that are the ambassadors for living healthy and staying beautiful and I am the ambassador for how to party and pull it off,” she explains.

There's a certain type of physical beauty that it is completely achievable in 2016 - depending on your budget and pain threshold, of course. Because of plastic surgery, anything is possible. Laurina reminds us that a particular type of "beautiful" is within the grasp of all of us.



Let's be real. If you want bigger lips, bigger boobs, higher cheekbones, smoother skin, you name it - you can buy it. Being "beautiful" is no longer an elusive, mysterious quality. It's available and achievable, as long as you're willing to pay for it and have recovery time to spare.

There are times when we think a DIY approach will result in the same carefully honed look that can only be achieved with a professional's training and touch. Does the ill-conceived "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge" ring any painful bells?

So many models, actresses and "beautiful" people will wax lyrical about all the healthy, active things they do to look good - all while hiding their cosmetic surgery habits.

Look, each to their own - if you don't want to tell people about your jab here and tuck there, you don't have to. But pretending you're au naturel does a great disservice to the women who are looking on, wishing that they could look a certain way and feeling inferior because they don't. (Post continues after gallery.)


We have two options. Embrace our looks for what they are, or pay for new ones. Both choices are up to the individual.

What I love most about Laurina Fleure is not what she looks like but the fact that she's a confidently self-made woman. She didn't hold back on expressing her standards and opinions, whether she was on The Bachelor or in press interviews. She runs a successful boutique business. And she's happy to admit to spending time and money on her appearance.

Laurina Fleure being her usual, straight-talking self on "I'm a Celebrity". Source:


There's feeling beautiful within ourselves and our lives and also being happy with our outer appearance. Laurina Fleure showed us that a woman can own it in both arenas, while also keeping her cool in the South African jungle.

Do you wish that other celebrities would admit to plastic surgery? Or is it none of our business?