Something very disturbing has happened to Laurina Fleure's social media accounts.

Either Laurina Fleure is really into tweeting about meth and posting photos on Instagram with captions that alternate letters in upper and lower case a BiT lIkE tHiS or her account and been well and truly hacked.

And taking a closer look, and seeing her latest tweet, we’re going to go with the latter.

The former Bachelor star has had an unfortunate run in with a hacker who has overtaken her Twitter account and her Instagram account, posting bizarre and illogical posts that range from talking about drugs to others that spruik random Instagram accounts.

Just one of many exploitative-filled and bizarre comments was a tweet under Fleure’s name, writing, “f*ck, this meth is driving me crazy.”

Unfortunately for Fleure, although much of her Twitter feed has now been deleted, her Instagram is still littered with the offending posts.

The reality television star has tweeted about the strange activity, writing that she was working to resolve the issue and claim control of her own social accounts.

"My Instagram and Twitter was just hacked, please ignore until I can take back my accounts, thanks," she wrote.

We just hope that she is OK.

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