Why Laurina Fleure is thinking about freezing her eggs.

The Bachelor alumni Laurina Fleure says she’s considering freezing her eggs in case she decides to have children with her partner Lewis Romano in the future.

“We’ve actually discussed freezing my eggs so that we don’t have any pressure,” the Bachelor and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here alumnus explains in the latest issue of OK! magazine. 

“I’m a little bit older than Lewis and I don’t want to have the pressure of a ticking body clock, it’s not my style.”

Though she’s clearly been thinking about it, Fleure admits she still has some research to do.

“My girlfriend told me that [freezing your eggs costs] $10,000, and I think you can keep them for a couple of years,” she told the magazine.

It’s an interesting development for the star, who confessed she was unsure if she would ever feel ready to be a mother during her time on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

Watch Laurina talk about her uncertainity about becoming a mother. (Post continues after video.)

“I don’t know if I’m cut out for motherhood. I’ve always said my whole life, that it feels like it’s a lifetime away,” the 33-year-old said during an episode.

“And I said that throughout my whole 20s and I thought maybe once I’d get to my thirties I would get clucky but it still feels a lifetime away.”

Fleure has previously spoken about her concern that carrying a baby could be difficult for her, due to leftover scar tissue from a surgery she had last year for a twisted intestine.


“When I was a baby I had a twisted intestine, which is pretty much a bowel obstruction, and because the intestine twists up nothing can pass through and you get really bad cramps and inflammation,” Fluere explained to the Daily Mail.

“They cut me open and I have this big scar on my tummy since I was a baby but for some reason 30 years later the scar tissue inside my gut from that operation caused another adhesion.”

The star added that it’s likely she could experience another adhesion in her lifetime.

“It sort of concerns me if I ever want to have a baby, what’s going to happen with all this scar tissue when the tummy stretches?”

We wish Laurina all the best for whatever her future holds.