"What happened to your skin, baby?" Laurina Fleure's boyfriend puts his foot in it.


After Sunday night’s final episode of I’m a Celebrity… Get me out of here, viewers were expecting touching scenes when contestants reunite with loved ones and share those long-awaited moments of intimacy.

However, for second runner-up Laurina Fleure, things went a little bit differently.

Instead of heartwarming hugs and kisses, boyfriend Lewis Romano was more preoccupied with her appearance.

“What happened to your skin, baby?” He asked, seconds after their reunion.

Six weeks in the jungle, mate.

Reaching over, Romano appears to pick at her forehead in what would would be a loving gesture for perhaps, two chimpanzees.

Laurina Fleure boyfriend
Curious George makes an unexpected cameo. Source: Network Ten.

Romano then makes the gallant remark ‘You stink!’ before topping it off with a comment on her weight.

Because we all know weight loss is a true sign of success.

Appalled at what they were seeing, viewers shared their horror across social media.


Laurina had previously asked show producers for skincare products in order to combat the harsh conditions of the jungle environment.

“Is there any possibility of getting for us girls an organic oil that we can put on our faces because we’re going to be haggard by the end of this,” she said.

laurina fleure boyfriend
It might have been better if he’d stopped here. Source: Network 10.

In an interview, Laurina explained she was allowed a skin colour zinc for UV protection.

“I have a problem with melasma and pigmentation caused by having laser to remove my freckles and then going out in the sun,” she said.

“I would get sun on my face and I would get a full black upper lip that looked like a five o’clock shadow … so I said to them I’m not coming there unless you let me protect my melasma.”

Watch Laurina learn she’s missed out on winning I’m a Celeb:

Video via Network 10