Beauty blogger Lauren Curtis shares her secret trick for perfect eyebrows.

Australian beauty blogger Lauren Curtis has a following of over one million people on Instagram. Her YouTube channel has over three million subscribers. Basically, the woman knows what she is talking about when it comes to all things makeup, so when she says she has a trick to nailing a look we are definitely listening.

For the fair-browed and fearful (me), a good brow pencil has become a must-have in my makeup bag. But even with the most careful penciling, they can often come out a little more like distant cousins than sisters and often I end up with two smudges above my eyes.

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Enter 24-year-old Curtis, who has one of the simplest makeup hacks for filling in your brows that you can do without buying a single new product.

Speaking to Vogue, Curtis gave us all a hint on how she nails her brow look every time.

“This is kind of weird but I actually put a bit of moisturiser on my brows before I fill them in, especially if I’ve done a full face of makeup,” she says.

Actually smiling for once ????

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“I use an eyebrow powder and it doesn’t stick properly to the skin when it’s been set with powder. So by adding a bit of moisturiser to them I’m getting that tackiness back that allows me to draw clean lines around my brows and then easily fill them in,” she continued.

It’s really that simple to get brows this good.

So go on ladies, bust out the Nivea and draw yourself some brows that will give you #browgoals beyond your wildest dreams.

What is a beauty hack that you swear by?