Cheryl and Lauren didn't fall in love on Married At First Sight. But they found something better.

There’s nothing that brings two women together than the shared dislike of a mutual ex-boyfriend. Especially if that mutual ex-boyfriend is reality television’s new favourite villain.

And that’s exactly what’s happened for Married At First Sight’s Cheryl Maitland and Lauren Bran, who were both unlucky enough to be hitched to Prince-not-so-charming, Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones.

“Lauren and I have a friendship outside of this and talk on a regular basis,” Cheryl told The Courier Mail. “We help support each other post show.”

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM this morning, Lauren confirmed just how close she and Cheryl have become after the show, calling them “bosom buddies”.

“I much prefer Cheryl over Andrew,” said Lauren, 33, “We should have gotten married!”

We all watched on with glee on Monday night’s episode of MAFS that featured the final dinner party, where not only were Cheryl and Lauren spied getting on like a house on fire – Lauren also gave Andrew a talking down.

In her booze-fuelled “spray”, Lauren called Andrew a “cocky little pr***” and a “wanker”. (Well deserved, we say…)

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In an interview yesterday with, Lauren said that her behaviour was brought on by sheer exhaustion and one too many drinks, not to mention the stressful situation of returning to the show in which she was dubbed the ‘runaway bride’.

“There’s no support, you’re treated like monkeys, you basically beg to go for toilet breaks,” Lauren told

“The filming — because it goes for so long — you’re tired, you’re drunk, you’re not yourself, they get you at your worst. I was boozy, they booze you up. They encourage it. They’re just free-pouring the whole time. At one stage I had someone put a couple of drinks in front of me. And I said, ‘Nah, nah, I’m good, I’m good,’ and they say, ‘Nah, have more to drink’.”

lauren cheryl married at first sight
Lauren and Cheryl. Bonding. Image: Channel 9.

In the midst of other contestants crying foul on just how genuine the show really is (Susan Rawlings has since called it a “sham”) it’s great to see that Lauren and Cheryl have been able to strike up an actual friendship.

“Cheryl and I are bosom buddies,” said Lauren to Kyle and Jackie O this morning, laughing when Kyle suggested it might flourish into something more.

“...there wasn't any lesbianism on Married At First Sight!” she said, “Definitely not.”

What’s amazing is that Lauren had no idea about the ‘boy’s night’ drama that unfolded several weeks ago, when Andrew was called out for making a series of derogatory and sexist remarks about his new wife, Cheryl.

“I actually didn’t actually get the see the way he spoke to Cheryl with the previous episode,” said Lauren, “so it was quite interesting to see the boys night played back.”

Lauren and Andrew, in happier times. Image: Channel 9.

Obviously feeling quite defensive of Cheryl, Lauren stuck close during the final dinner party, and didn’t hold back when Andrew made a move to talk with her.

When Kyle asked if she felt like she had let ‘the one’ slip through her fingers, Lauren was laughing but firm - “Not at all!” In fact, Lauren revealed to the radio hosts that she’s actually seeing somebody new named Jake, but was coy when asked for details.

“He’s all good! He’s actually a normal guy.”

Lauren and Cheryl might not have walked away with a husband from their time on TV, but at least they’ve found a friendship that will last beyond even the rudest firefighter serenading them on a beach.

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