Lauren Brant has some harsh words for her fellow I’m a Celebrity competitors.

She’s not sugar and spice and all things nice.

Lauren Brant may be the sweet-faced former Hi 5 entertainer, but when it comes to the other celebrities she shared her time with on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, she had some pretty stiff words to share.

After being dumped from the competition on last night’s show, Lauren, 25, explained, “I think a lot of people in camp had a game plan and were very conscious of what they said and didn’t say. For me that was boring. I was just myself.”

There was certainly an aspect of people just being so aware that they were on camera and constantly mic’d and that makes it hard for you to be yourself and to interact with them on a natural level,” she continued to tell The Daily Telegraph.

Lauren doesn't look impressed.

And like many of the other departed celebrities, Lauren didn’t appear to enjoy her time in the jungle either. “Think of the worst situation and then it is worse than that,” she said about the show.

“Not one person in the camp could have braced themselves for what it was going to be in that first and second week. They just completely leave you to deal with the detox of life itself, everything that you know in your life,” she continued.

After Lauren cast shade on some of the other celebrities including Julie Goodwin, Merv Hughes and Laura Dundovic, fans began to question Lauren’s seemingly sweet nature.

Lauren isn't as sweet as she seems.

In response, Lauren said, “At the end of the day I was in Hi 5 for five and a half years and did my absolute best to be an amazing role model for children and work with charities and did work for poverty.”

“I can’t put on an act for five and a half years so if people are going to think anything different of me after three weeks, it is obviously not a true representation of myself,” she said.

And the former Australian kids’ entertainer had some strong words for anyone who put her nature into question. “All I know is that I was me in there and I am going to continue being myself when I get out and if there are any questions or people who might of got the wrong idea, I’d be more than happy to talk them through it.”

Ouch. We wouldn't want to mess with Lauren, that's for sure.

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