Actress spills the beans on her onscreen sex with Marco Pierre White Jr on Big Brother.


Laura Carter, the Big Brother UK contestant involved in the Marco Pierre White Jr scandal, says she regrets their onscreen romance.

The actress was voted out of the house last week and has addressed the scandal that dominated the series, telling host Emma Willis she’d emerged “mortified” by her own behaviour.

“I’m absolutely mortified. As soon as it happened, it was the worst. I thought, ‘What the hell?’ I immediately regretted it,” Carter said.

If you’re not sure who or what we’re talking about here, allow me to give you a quick run-down.

Source: Screenshot via Channel 5.

Marco Pierre White Jr is the 20-year-old son of esteemed chef, occasional Masterchef guest and "Godfather of modern cooking", Marco Pierre White.

The model had sex with Carter during their time in the Big Brother house, despite being engaged to designer Kim Melville-Smith. He's since claimed he had a "hall pass" at the time.

All hell broke loose when he was evicted, as the young star ended his engagement and roped a new girl into the picture soon after.

OK. All caught up?

White Junior has been blabbing all over town about his shenanigans, but we haven't heard a peep from Carter... until now.

Following her eviction on Friday, the 30-year-old told Willis the reaction she received entering the show affected her decision to sleep with him.

"The reception I had when I came in really affected me... so when Marco gave me that attention..." she said.

The post-eviction interview may have been the star's first chance to spill her beans, but it certainly wasn't the last.

Carter went on to compare her tryst with White Jr to her past romance with superstar Justin Bieber.


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The Daily Star reported Carter was involved with Bieber last December, and she told the publication White Junior trumped the young singer in terms of chemistry and kissing prowess.

"I've got to say that Marco is the better kisser. Marco is so hot. And we did have so much sexual chemistry," she said.

The 30-year-old went on to compare their ages as an insight into their abilities.

"I think Marco and Justin are both the same age - they're about 21. I'm such a cougar. I'm not saying there wasn't sexual chemistry with Justin. I mean, he's Justin Bieber and he is really hot," she said.

The man just has a lot of love to give. Source: Instagram.

Carter said she would like to see White Junior again but in much more platonic circumstances.


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