The Bachelor's Laura Byrne says there's a "curse" to being a jewellery designer. 

On Sunday, Bachelor winner and jewellery designer Laura Byrne shared a photo showcasing the ring gifted to her during The Bachelor finale.

But to the 30-year-old, it held a particular significance.

“The curse of being a jewellery designer is that no one ever gives me jewellery, which sucks because it’s one of my favourite things in the whole world,” she wrote.

“[Matty] is the first man brave enough to give this girl a taste of her own medicine and I’m so completely in love with my ring.”

Byrne, however, didn’t stop there.

Because when it comes to rings and The Bachelor, no one can forget… cheezel ring.

You see, when Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski declared their love for each other on The Bachelor‘s 2015 finale, it was happy, lovely, wonderful, emotional news, until the camera panned to her…finger.

Was it a ring? Was it a cheezel? Or just an accident?

Speaking to Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam and Brownie in January last year, Wood finally weighed in on Ringgate (and the $50,000 engagement ring he subsequently was forced to purchased as The Cheezel’s replacement).

“I copped a fair bit of flak for the ring that I gave her on the show,” he said at the time.

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"It got called the Cheezel. There were a few comments on social media when I gave her the engagement ring saying, ‘Oh thank god, she now gets to take off the Cheezel.'”


So while acknowledging her beautiful ring, it was impossible for Byrne not to wonder: 'what if... what if had been given the cheezel?"

"Thanks for making it so wonderful Larsen Jewellery," she wrote, referring to her ring. "Thank goodness it didn't end up looking like a cheezel **jokes**."

Not bad, Byrne. Not a bad call at all.

RIP Cheezel.

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