LAURA BYRNE: 6 spring looks for mum and baby, now that it's getting warmer.

Thanks to our brand partner, Next

It’s true that motherhood changes pretty much every single speck of your former self, from your daily routine, to your relationships, right down to the seemingly unrelated things - like the clothes you wear. I guess, when you’re running on little sleep it can be hard to find the energy to care about anything other than survival. Couple this sentiment with the general weirdness 2020 and quarantine has served up and somehow my entire wardrobe has been overrun by matching tracksuit ensembles and elasticised waist bands. Not to mention that my daughter Marlie-Mae has been living in pyjama zippies for two-thirds of her entire life. 

Like a lot of new mums there is a whole side of my wardrobe that is filled with the clothes of my former self. Midriffs and silk slips (I know…. SCANDALOUS) that haven’t seen the light of day since I fell pregnant, to think there was once a time that I had the brazen confidence to wear white pants out of the house … sigh.

But now that the days are getting warmer and spring has officially sprung into action it's time to give the old wardrobe a cliché spring clean – out with the old making room for some brighter colours and lighter fabrics. I set out to find some comfortable, fashionable and practical pieces to kick start my spring wardrobe and have put together a list of some of my favourite Next clothes for mums and bubs…and not a single pair of sweatpants in sight. 


First off the ranks - The wrap dress! 

THE wrap dress. Image supplied by Laura Byrne.



Wrap dresses are the ultimate zero effort dress, that somehow always ends up looking like you made an effort. Exactly the kind of smoke and mirrors trickery a busy mum needs. They are also super versatile and can be dressed down with a pair of trainers or throw on a strappy heal and grab a negroni and you’re ready to PAR-TAY!  

I’m loving this Blue Emma Willis Printed Wrap Dress by Next, the colours are bold and feminine and there is just enough floral print to strategically hide grubby little fingerprints and spilt milk. 

The Denim utility play suit

Meet the updated version of the utility jump suit - cropped for spring. Image supplied by Laura Byrne.

 One of the rising trends last winter was the utility jump suit, well meet its cropped and cooler sidekick the utility play suit. 


Utility playsuits are seriously comfortable, but above all they’re easy! Throw it on and you basically have your whole outfit sorted. 

This denim number is the perfect fit for taller women who sometimes find their play suits are a little…. Errr…. too playful, riding up into all the wrong places. There is plenty of length in the body and the denim tie-belt is a nice addition that give added shape. Oh… and this has pockets. I love pockets. Give me all the pockets! 


Button-down midi dress

Versatile? Tick. Comfy? Tick. Day to night? Tick. Image supplied by Laura Byrne.

 Once again, this dress ticks the essential mum criteria of versatile and comfortable. Button down shirt dresses were my wardrobe staple when I was breastfeeding, and I’ve grown to love how easy they are to throw on and style for a casual day look. This monochrome number is also the perfect lightweight work dress that can get you from office to afterwork drinks… if people even still do that sort of thing these days. 


The Navy Dress

Excuse us whilst we just melt over how cute this is. Image supplied by Laura Byrne.

 Stop what you’re doing and get a load of this adorable little Sailor Moon inspired dress. 


It can be difficult to find clothes for little girls that don’t subscribe to the stereotypical fairy floss pink ensembles, which is why I have plenty of time for this little Navy dress.  Navy is also a perfectly practical colour to mask the inevitable mess that will soon be all down the front of it. 

Another thing I love about this little Navy dress is that it comes with matching bloomers. You see, Babies don’t really understand the purpose of dresses and instead they like to pull them up over their heads, flashing their nappies like they’re on some sort of baby spring break. Bloomers are the solution! 

The Pinafore and lace ups

Instant cool cred. Image supplied by Laura Byrne.

Dressing your kid in lace-ups and a pinafore gives instant cool cred in the playground… at least I’m sure that’s what the other babies were babbling when they saw Marlie’s in this get up. 


This corduroy pinafore is a slightly heavier fabric making it a nice little number for a cooler spring day. You can also swap out the bright spotted shirt for a T-shirt when the weather warms up. 

As for the little baby lace ups, these are the bomb diggity! I’m miffed they don’t come in adult sizes! I’d like to speak to the manager please!

Dress and Cardigan combo

Party ready for spring! Image supplied by Laura Byrne.

 One thing I love about kids’ clothes is that they come in sets, why don’t adult dresses come with a cardigan combo?! 


This little dress epitomises spring in its colours and patterns, it’s lightweight and perfect for a birthday party or a special occasion – for the socially active baby. 

The only downfall of this pretty little dress set is that sadly it doesn’t come with bloomers, there was much gleeful nappy flashing… but who cares, babies gonna baby!

Next is one of my favourite go-to online shops for easy, affordable wardrobe staples. It’s a nice added bonus that I can pick up some pieces for myself and for Marlie in one fell swoop as they have a huge selection of both women's and kidswear – making shopping online (while I binge my seventh consecutive episode of The Good Place) that much more pain-free and convenient.

Next is the UK’s number one e-retailer and serves customers across over 70 countries. Launching its first retail store in 1982, Next now has over 500 stores across the UK & Ireland. Renowned for its on-trend styles and high wearability, Next has worked with the fashion industry’s most notable names including Imaan Hammam, Arizona Muse and Lineisy Montero.