Barry Hall cradles Lauren Brant's baby bump as they share they're expecting a baby together.

Football great Barry Hall and former Hi-5 member Lauren Brant have announced that they’re expecting a baby together, announcing they are 18 weeks into their first pregnancy.

Sharing the news with New Idea on Monday, the couple first met in 2015 while taking part in Channel 10’s reality show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here but didn’t make things official until six months ago.

“We fell madly in love and it happened really quite quickly,” Brant says.

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Now, the 39-year-old former Sydney Swans player and 27-year-old entertainer are now preparing for their baby’s arrival, with Brant moving to Hall’s hometown of Melbourne.


“I honestly believe that it’s destiny,” Brant says, adding, “He’s so beautiful, he’s like my protector… I feel he’s going to be the best dad.”

The couple also says that this is just the beginning, explaining they have big plans for their future family.

“As soon as I got pregnant, Barry started planning for more,” Brant says, sharing Hall dreams of four children in total.

“He’s giving me an off-season and then I’m in pre-season and then baking another baby!”

Following the announcement, Brant posted an ultrasound image to Instagram with the caption, “Hello world, I can’t wait to meet you in May 2017! This is OUR OWN little baby. Barry and I are beyond excited to share this news. I just LOVE kids and I have dreamt of the day I will be able to have my own. Well, I have finally found the perfect partner who will also be the worlds best Dad, and we have been blessed with a little miracle. I’M PREGNANT!”


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Hall posted the same image, writing, “Well it’s the news I’ve always wanted since I can remember!! I’m going to be a DAD! I’m so excited not only to have my first child but to have it with such a beautiful caring woman who I love dearly. She will be the best mum, I can see it already. Can’t wait for the arrival.”

Congratulations Barry and Lauren!