Does eyelash growing serum really work?

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It can permanently change your eye colour, cause irreversible pigmentation and unwanted hair growth, yet that hasn’t stopped over 2.5 million people from snapping up this beauty product since it launched in 2008.

In those six years since launch, LATISSE® eyelash growing serum has gained a cult following, but don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it before now. It can only be bought online (supposedly) with a prescription and was first intended as a medication to treat glaucoma (a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight).

We can thank Allergan, the makers of Botox, for this one. When doctors noticed one huge unexpected upside (longer, fuller lashes) in glaucoma patients trialling the drug Biamatoprost, Allergan knew they were onto something.

“I wear false eyelashes every day. Here’s how to put them on, perfectly.”

Fast forward seven years, the FDA (Foods and Drug Administration) approved the drug to be used as an eyelash growing serum. The rare side effect that it can cause blue or hazel eyes to turn brown FOR LIFE is still not enough to dissuade those in pursuit of Bambi-sized lashes. Read on for everything you need to know about Latisse.

How much does it cost?

One kit including a 3ml bottle of Latisse solution and 60 disposable applicators is $120. One bottle will last 3 to 4 months when used every day.

What does it actually do?

A LATISSE® clinical study with 278 people found that participants gained 25% longer, 106% thicker, 18% darker eyelashes in four months. Worth knowing is that the hair growth varies for everyone, some users get long, perfectly curled lashes, while others end up with straight lashes that stick out from their eyelids.


How do you apply it?

CAREFULLY. It’s best to apply at night, after you’ve removed contact lenses and all traces of makeup. Place one drop on the applicator and apply along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes (where the eyelashes meet the skin) going from the inner part of your lash line to the outer part. LATISSE® warns you not to apply in your eye or to the lower lid because excess hair growth outside the treatment area may occur. Yes, like a werewolf.

What are the side effects?

Aside from the aforementioned side effects like permanently changing your iris colour and excessive hair growth; darkening of the eyelid skin is another huge downside. Some users have reported that the pigmentation fades when they stopped using the serum, but others haven’t been so lucky. Along with redness and puffiness, more serious side effects include severe burning or itching of your eyes; swelling; vision problems; discharge; and increased sensitivity to light.

Who uses it?

Well, since over 2.5 million bottles of it have been sold since 2008, a stack of people are using it. Celebrity fans include Mandy Moore; Brooke Shields and Claire Danes – all of whom have publicly endorsed the brand. Christina Hendricks was involved with the brand’s charity project, Latisse Wishes challenge in 2011. FYI: Pregnant women shouldn’t use it, and women who breastfeed should wait until they’ve finishing nursing to try it.

 Is it permanent?

Sadly no. The treatment stops being effective the day you stop using it.

I still want to try it, how do I get it? delivers both Lumigan® and Latisse® to Australia. However we do recommend you consult your GP or healthcare professional doctor before using any brand of eyelash growing serum as some medications can have adverse side effects (that are not mentioned above).

Have you used Latisse? Still keen to try it?