Damcho Dyson used to be a nun, until she discovered the fetish of latex.

The Morning Show is no stranger to exciting guests, but few have a story as interesting as Damcho Dyson.

The 45 year old has been an artist, a buddhist nun and is now a latex lover involved on the fetish scene.

Appearing on the show this morning, her burgundy latex body suit complete with bow tie surprised hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies.

“You need that for the Logies, you need that for next year!” Emdur joked to Gillies.

Image: The Morning Show/Channel Seven

Born Michelle Dyson in Australia, Damcho said the desire to become a nun came during a "time of great challenge" in her 20s.

Attending the Victorian College of the Arts and exhibiting her work as a successful artist, she then fell pregnant.

"Twenty-four hours after conception I had a very strong connection with this baby. but the father freaked out and gave me an ultimatum of ‘it’s the child or me’, so I reluctantly had an abortion," she told

"After six years of intense study of Tibetan buddhism inspiring my art, it seemed quite natural to give up art practise and devote myself to becoming a nun. S that meant being celibate, giving up art practise, I shaved my head, put on robes, changed my name and moved to France," she said on The Morning Show.

Image: BodhiUnbound/GoFundMe

She led the life of a buddhist nun for 10 years, which included personally serving the Dalai Llama on one of his visits.

Then she had a realisation.

"In some ways there was a sudden insight that happened. I was burnt out as I was quite often, it was quite a strenuous activity of being a nun and being the main holder of an international retreat centre so we had a lot of events going on," she said.

"Then during an Ayurvedic Indian massage, my body connected. At that point I realised I'd been overriding my body and thought 'actually, why are you still a nun?' so in six months I stopped being a nun."

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Five or six years passed before Dyson discovered the fetish of latex.

"I was in another challenging period of my life and I wanted to start saying yes to opportunities so I had an opportunity to try on some latex and the moment I did I felt like I was re-entering in to the ritualistic aspect of wearing robe, there was something very familiar about it but at the same time it was very connected to my body," she said.


"Then I went to these fetish clubs where people were wearing latex for all sorts of reasons, because of the anonymity it provided their character. Some wore it because they felt empowered in it, others for completely sexual reasons.

"What really struck me was the consensuality in the clubs in which people allow everyone to be just as they are, no matter their shape, background, whatever gets them excited."

Now the artist-turned-buddhist-nun-turned-latex-lover hopes to bring her worlds together by undertaking a PhD at the Royal Collage of Art exploring the two contrasting rituals of monastic robes and latex.


She has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the $58,000 required to do so.

"Whilst wishing to reflect profoundly on the juxtaposition of the ways in which freedom and constraint play out in our own lives, my aspiration for this research is threefold," she writes on the page.

"Identify and probe our preconceptions and practices of some forms of ritual to see what new understanding of ritual may arise, deepen and integrate my understanding of the potential of the mind and heart when ‘unbound’ and equip me to inspire, nurture and communicate with many, many others so that they in turn can support, inspire and nurture others."

Dyson has so far raised over $18,000.

As for what she reckons the Dalai Llama would think of her latest endeavours?

"He believes that our religion is to live and die without regrets. In every step of my life I've done that," she said.

You can donate to Dyson here.