Last night in London: Day 2.

“It’s a disaster.”

1. Men’s 4 X 100m freestyle team lose the final

“It’s been a disaster” were the words from the commentators, as Australia’s 4 X 100m freestyle team, led by James Magnussen failed to win a medal overnight.

The so-called “weapons of mass destruction” were favourites going into the race but were overcome by the French who won in 3:09.93, followed by the USA and Russia.

James Magnussen has copped some criticism since the final, after he appeared to brush off Channel 9 reporter Gian Rooney after the race.

But Gian later tweeted: Would like everyone to know that Magnussen did not brush me, he was just walking around in a daze.”

In other Olympic news that you might have missed while sleeping:

– Christian Sprenger won silver in the 100m breaststroke.

– Alicia Coutts won a bronze in the 100m butterfly.

– Our women’s hockey team lost to New Zealand, 0-1.

– Emily Seebohm qualified fastest for tonight’s 100m backstroke final and set an Olympic record with a time of 58.23 .

– The women’s 4 x 100 freestyle team WON GOLD and beat the Olympic record.

– Stephanie Rice lost her Olympic title and world record, when she finished 6th in the 4 X 100m individual medley.

– The Australian men’s basketball team lost to Brazil, 71-75.

Leisel Jones

2. One to watch: Leisel Jones

Australian breaststroke swimmer Leisel Jones has turned the criticism she’s recieved over her body shape over the last couple of days  into “the best thing that has ever happened to me” and qualified 5th fastest for the 100m final.

“Actually I have to say I love a bit of pressure and it was nice to be in the second swim. I knew I had the fastest girl in my swim and that pushed me along,” she said.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I’m one of those people if you put me under pressure I’ll show you what I can do.

“I did one of my best sessions ever after I read the comments, so I’ve had nothing but support.

“I think that has touched me the most. That is what made me the most impressed. I’ve never had so much support in my life. I am so thankful. Thanks to the journalist who made those comments about me, because you never made me feel so loved in my life.

“I am pretty confident. I’ve been around this game for 12 years, so I am not shocked by anything. I guess it’s hurtful coming from your own country, people making comments like that. I’m here to swim. I swim in the pool, not in the papers. I’m here to do my job and I know what it is and I want to make Australia proud.

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“I know I’ve made myself proud. I’d like to think I’ve earned myself a little bit of credibility just by being here for so long and doing the job that I have. My job is to help the young ones and swim well. I’m not distracted by anything.”

It’s Jones’ fourth straight Olympic 100m breaststroke final.


Aussie Leiston Pickett also qualified. The final is on Tuesday 5:15am AEST. Set those alarms, people.

3. Australian teen shooter sleeps through her alarm

Speaking of alarms… Ever woken up with a start, realising that you’ve slept through your alarm and you’re running SERIOUSLY late. It’s a horrifying feeling and in your post-sleep haze it can take a moment for the panic of tardiness to fully set in.

Well imagine that terror magnified x1000 – when the alarm you sleep through is the one waking you up before you make your Olympic debut.

That’s exactly what happened to Aletha Sedgmann, one of our teenage shooters who was forced to sprint like Ussain Bolt from the athlete’s village after being shaken awake by a team mate – 10 minutes before she had to leave.

4. The girl whose curls the world is talking about

The Opening Ceremony was truly spectacular – not so much a visual and audio feast but a 12 course banquet with matched wines and copious amounts of fancy fish eggs and truffles.

But according to many, it was the hair of one young woman that truly stole the show (and a few hearts we suspect. Cue “aww”.)

British High School student Jasmine Breinburg played a girl who had lost her phone during a night out on the town and then dances her way through a series of nightclubs, featuring the best of UK pop music through the decades.

The girl can dance and she’s a pretty good actor to boot but what really impressed us was the fact she has just about the rad-est hair IN THE WORLD.

Jasmine said of the role: ‘Beforehand you are the practices with people you are now friends with and have become close with and it seems normal. Then all of a sudden you look up and see your face on the big screen and think… oh, that’s crazy.’

Empty seats at Olympic venues.

5. They had something better to do than watch the Games live

One thing that did put a dampener on the fantastic Opening Ceremony was the number of empty seats in the crowd. And it’s a trend that has so far continued on during the early events of the games.

Major sponsors failed to show up at a number of events, prompting Olympic organisers to promise an investigation into why there were banks of vacant seats at supposedly sold out sessions.

Have you been watching?

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