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'Yes, 'lash Botox' is a thing. Here's what happened when I tried it.'

Yep. I got lash Botox.

Say what now? You did what, WHERE?!

Before you pass out at the idea of having a needle near your eye, let me explain. A 'lash Botox' is a needle-free treatment. So, it's not as scary as it sounds, I promise.

It's essentially a nourishing keratin “hair” mask for your lashes and is a treatment that can be performed in conjunction with a lash lift or on its own.

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Curious to find out more?

Here's everything you need to know about 'lash Botox' — including my results.

What is 'lash Botox'?

Much like a keratin hair mask, 'lash Botox' helps strengthen the hairs while hydrating them. Paired with an active ingredient and natural oils; the treatment I received uses turmeric longa as the active ingredient because it has amazing regenerative properties.

This treatment also promises to prevent (lash) hair loss, while stimulating growth. 

The result? Longer, thicker, more luscious, natural lashes.

As a long-time owner of stumpy and sparse lashes, I was curious to see if this treatment would help me achieve the lashes of my dreams. The kind of lashes my children and partner are so fortunate to have naturally (why do children and men have such enviable natural lashes? It’s not fair.)

Now, just to give you a bit of background — my journey to longer, more luscious lashes has been lengthy. I have tried it ALL.

I've done months of consistent lash extensions, which left my natural lashes weaker and sparser than when I first started. I even used lash growth serums for years until the solution started to irritate my eyes.

Luckily for me, I had my dear friend Diana Yolande — a lash and brow expert with a home salon in Earlwood — in my corner. And she was more than eager to help me on my lash journey.

I mentioned to her I was looking into 'lash Botox' and she immediately pulled up her calendar to slot me in for a treatment. She said a 'lash Botox' would be the perfect solution and recommended doing the treatment three times to see the best results. 

What's involved?

Now, I’m not going to lie, when I first decided to try out 'lash Botox' I thought it was a one and done kind of deal. But, with her recommendation, and promise of more face-to-face time with one of my best gal pals, she set a game plan where we would do a 'lash Botox' and lift sandwich, over the course of three treatments. 

The first session would be a stand-alone 'lash Botox' treatment (which takes approximately 15 minutes) before coming back a week later for a lash lift and 'lash Botox' (which takes approximately an hour). All sandwiched nicely with a final stand-alone 'lash Botox' a week later.

A stand-alone 'lash Botox' treatment is super straightforward. Diana cleaned my lashes and after brushing it out a little, she applied the lash Botox formulation, which looks similar to a keratin hair mask. 

She then applied a cotton pad over my eyes and let the solution soak for around 15 minutes, while she took the opportunity to give me a relaxing hand massage (it’s one of my favourite things about her treatments — she sneaks in a hand and temple massage while everything works its magic). 

Once the 15 minutes was up, she cleaned the solution from my lashes and I was good to go. 

Image: During treatment

Before I left my first treatment, Diana noted I won’t see a difference right away other than the softness of my lashes. Which makes sense — I can hardly expect my lashes to grow in the 15 minutes I have my eyes shut (but a girl can dream).

When I returned for my second treatment, which was going to be combined with a lash lift, Diana noticed immediately the new growth that had sprouted since our first treatment a week prior. 

For those interested, lashes can grow anywhere between 0.12 to 0.14mm per day.

Image: During treatment

If I thought the growth between the first treatment and the second were impressive, I was STOKED when I saw the difference before my third treatment. 

Image: After second treatment.

My lashes were noticeably longer and thicker than when I first started. I also noticed they had multiple rows of growth (I was certain my lashes were just one row for a very long time).

The verdict.

'Lash Botox' lasts up to two months, depending on the lash growth cycle. And seeing how much of a difference I achieved in three sessions, I will definitely be adding this to my regular beauty routine.

Image: Before and after ash Botox'.

They’re a great treatment for anyone who wants longer, thicker, more luscious, natural lashes, and especially great for the lash lift lovers out there. 

The moisturising properties of a 'lash Botox' makes it the perfect add-on treatment to a lash lift, which tends to strip your lashes thanks to the solutions used to give them that glorious lift. 

Imagine perming your hair or bleaching it, or any other damaging kind of activity (looking at you, my beloved hair straightener), and not conditioning it to put the moisture back in. That would be a downright sin. Trust me, your lashes will THANK you.

Image: Before and after.

The best part? There is virtually no maintenance for a 'lash Botox' other than avoiding water on your lashes for the first 24 hours, which is monumentally easier than the maintenance required for lash extensions. #IYKYK.

So, if you're looking to up your lash game without the damage associated with extensions, this could be up your alley. 

I know I’m never going back.

Would you ever try a 'lash Botox' treatment? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Supplied/Maggie Ye.

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