Six things we love about Lara Bingle (and why we don't understand all the hate).

It turns out a lot of you dislike our very own Lara Bingle.

Just last week, she was listed in Australia’s top 10 “most unlikeable celebrities”, alongside the likes of Kyle Sandilands and Shane Warne. And… well… we’re not quite sure why. Because from where we’re sitting she is a sassy, blonde-haired, business-savvy lady.

Since there’s too much negativity on the internet, we are going to try to turn that around.

1. She’s a long-serving ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia.

After her dad lost his battle with liver and pancreatic cancer in 2008, Lara became an ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia. Not only did she help launch the 2010 “Love My Family” prevention campaign free of charge, she’s continued her service to the organisation right up until today.

2. Her hair, you guys, HER HAIR.

In short, her hair is divine and she is basically a modern day style icon. Short, long, choppy, lobby, pixie, bleached, dark, EVERYTHING, it simply does not matter because if it’s on her head it looks good. Just so so so good.

Click through to see a gallery of Lara Bingle over the years (post continues after video).


3. She’s an entrepreneur. A super successful one. Against all the odds.

It would’ve been easy for Lara to fade away into the abyss of fallen celebrities, but she didn’t. Instead, she dug into her business self, and came up with a range of successful ventures.

She co-designed an entire swimwear line with Cotton On in 2013/2014. She co-owned a restaurant in Torquay. She has a wildly popular self-tanning line, The Base, which she launched in November 2014. We rest our case: She kicks business ass.

4. We like that she called her son Rocket Zot.

We also like that when the media challenged her choice (including one particularly nasty piece of editorial journalism), Lara did this.

5. She doesn’t plaster Rocket Zot’s face all over the interwebz.

Now, this is not us throwing shade at the mums who post an abundance of bub photos on Insta, we’re simply saying it’s cool Lara chooses to keep her family life private. Her newfound love of privacy is refreshing in a world obsessed with putting every little thing online.

Seriously though, you guys. Her HAIR. (Post continues after video…)

Video via Instagram

6. She makes mistakes, but she also owns them.

Has Lara Bingle made mistakes? Sure. Have you also? Undoubtedly.

In the same way Brendan Fevola has rebuilt himself after their scandalous 2006 affair, so too has she. It might be worth a mention that, at the time of their relationship breaking into the news cycle, Lara was just an 18-year-old teenager.

“I don’t want to blame anyone. A lot of people have been hurt: not just my family, but their family as well. I know I would hate for it to happen if I was married,” she told The Australian one year on. “I can’t imagine what she (Brendan’s wife Alex) was going through, or went through, and I don’t really want to add to it. In hindsight, it was a big mistake and I think it happened because I was just too trusting.”

Lara was a teen, barely out of high school, and thrust into the damning spotlight of the Australian tabloid media. Imagine if you’d lived your entire life under a microscope, and if the country knew about your every indiscretion.

As we said, she could’ve simply withdrawn from her career and life after the events of 2006. Many others would have. But she didn’t. And if you ask us, that’s pretty damn admirable.

We’re #TeamLara all the way…