Lara Bingle and Sam Worthington's nuptials officially, probably confirmed.

It’s official. Again. Apparently.

After a secret wedding back in December sometime, there’s finally some sort of official confirmation that Australia’s wannabe version of Kimye did indeed exchange some rings and vows recently.

Failed reality star, bikini designer and “entrepreneur” Lara Bingle totally got married to actor and paparazzi puncher Sam Worthington late last year. We know it from her blatant refusal to deny the rumours, as well as her big move to add ‘Worthington’ onto her last name on Instagram. Obviously official.

Lara and Sam. Looking like the married couple they TOTALLY ARE.

But now, Lara’s appeared on the cover of Gritty Pretty magazine, donning her new last name for the feature.

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Finally, this is the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for. (Wait, has anyone actually been waiting for this? Or did we all move on after her pregnancy was confirmed?)

See that in the bottom left hand corner?

We can just imagine Lara sitting in her New York City apartment, sipping a fancy herbal tea with an evil smile on her lips as she toys with us from afar…

If you now feel like staring at Lara’s face, click through our gallery below.