Sam Worthington gives Lara Bingle a very expensive 'push present'.

We’re all a little confused.

It’s natural for a doting husband to want to get his wife something special after she gave birth. And Sam Worthington decided he would do just that after wife Lara Bingle gave birth to their first child, baby Rocket Zot, just over three weeks ago.

But instead of the usual suspects (flowers, chocolate, wine etc), the 38-year-old actor decided to splash out on something much more lavish.

And, look, it’s a bit weird.

After all, who wants a giant limited edition photo of Kate Moss’ face staring down at you from your wall? Even if it was taken by some famous artist?

But you know – each to their own, right? Because Lara was clearly thrilled with the gift.

Lara Bingle loved her rather unique present. (Via Instagram).

The Australian model boasted on Instagram about the artwork, which the Daily Mail has called a "push present".

The Instagram photo shows Lara sitting on the floor of her Los Angeles home after unwrapping the gift, beaming as she admires the giant framed photograph.

"I am a lucky girl. Thanks Sam and Juergen @juergentellerpage #original #katemoss #number2/5," the photo caption reads.

The artwork depicts a pink-haired Kate Moss from her younger days tucked into a huge pile of white sheets, tucked in up to her chin.

German artist Juergen Teller was the man behind the camera.

The photo was taken by Juergen Teller, who is known for his iconic portraits of Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood, as well as for his work on Marc Jacobs and Yves Saint Laurent advertising campaigns.

The German artist, 51, has also become known for telling Victoria Beckham in 2008 that she was a "product" before photographing her in a huge Marc Jacobs shopping bag. His artwork has been known to sell from £3000 upwards.

Sam, if you've kept Lara happy with your unique gift then all we can really say is this: Well played, Sam. Well played.

What did you think of Lara's "push present"?

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