The world's worst kept secret has finally been confirmed: Lara Bingle is married.

Yes, Lara Bingle has finally come out as a “wife”.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you might have missed the fact that Lara Bingle has been cagey about if and when she legally formalised her relationship.

Rumours about her marriage to Aussie heartthrob and Avatar star Sam Worthington have been buzzing for months, especially after she changed her surname on Instagram from Bingle to Worthington at the start of the year.

But the mystery is finally over. Everyone can now get a full night’s rest without waking up in the night screaming: DID THEY ACTUALLY GET MARRIED OR DID SHE JUST HATE BEING TEASED BY PEOPLE SINGING ‘BINGLE BELLS’?

Bingle has finally confirmed in an interview with Daily Mail Australia that the father of her son and her partner of three years is actually her husband.

The 28-year-old, who is back in Australia from the US to promote her involvement with Westfield’s Today, I Am campaign, credited her happiness to the special men in her life, claiming that she is enjoying her role as a “mother and a wife.”

“I’ve always been a happy girl but I guess I’m a mother and a wife and I have a beautiful little sanctuary I would call it,” she told Daily Mail Australia.


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Whilst Lara has kept “mum” on their nuptials, it’s believed she and Sam wed in December 2014 which coincides with her name change on Instagram. A “close friend” of Lara’s also confirmed this to the Who magazine in January. The couple have gone on to welcome their first child together, a boy called Rocket Zot, whom she’s tried to keep out of the public eye. The model did however confirmed the birth date of her baby by posting a photo of his little feet on Instagram and writing in the caption, “March 24th 2015 best day of our lives…”

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Bingle was quick to mention that although motherhood was incredible, it also has its challenges.

“It’s the best thing in the world. It’s very challenging, and I’m learning something new every day which is awesome.”

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She also gives credit to other women who manage to juggle full time work whilst looking after their kids.

“I’m very new to this. I have a lot of respect for women who also have full careers and have three or four children and can balance it. I strive to find the balance and I’m just learning,” she said.

Speaking of Bingle, click through the gallery below for more photos of her:

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