Lara Bingle on fitness, fake tan and the secret to getting hair like hers.

Image: Lara with her new best mate (our very own Jacqui.)

When I first found out I was going to chat with Lara Bingle about her new range The Base (by Lara Bingle), I really didn’t know what to expect. There is so much written about her in the media that it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not.

Honestly, I assumed it would just be a stock-standard interview.

What I got was the exact opposite.

On Tuesday, I walked into an amazing location in Sydney and saw Lara in the middle of the room. She was chatting on the phone (probably to Sammy) and was completely unaware that she was just about to come face-to-face with her future BFF (me).

There’s a reason why Lara Bingle’s been glowing lately

I was offered goiji water (WTF is that?) and a chili choc brownie (I politely declined on the basis that I was shit scared of breathing, let alone smudging choc brownie all over the white-ness of the furniture.)

When it was my turn to chat to my BFF Lara, I positioned myself on the couch next to her and spent a good minute or so wondering how she managed to look so effortlessly cool draped across it. I, on the other hand, couldn’t work out what to do with my legs (do I cross them and sit at an unnaturally reclined angle, or keep them straight and invade her personal space? I couldn’t decide, I was under pressure)

Given that time was of the essence, I settled half way between the two seating positions and ended up perching on the edge of the couch, crossed legged with half my arse suspended in free air.


Not as cool as Lara.

My impression of Lara is that she is an extremely eloquent and intelligent woman, despite what you may have read about her. She is kind and warm and makes you feel instantly at ease taking to her.

She was also one of my first celebrity interviews so it's safe it say I was a little nervous.

Somehow, by some miraculous sorcery, I managed to move words out of my face hole without a) stumbling too often and b) spitting sushi roll over her white Josh Goot ensemble.

Given this was the launch of her new range The Base (which includes fake tan, gradual tan, LB cream, highlighter and more exciting goodies) I figured I would start by asking her about her beauty routine.

Me: "So Lara, you've really become known for the effortless, natural look [shit... does that sound like I'm saying she makes no effort? Shit... keep going...'re in too deep now]

Give the rest of us some peace of mind and tell me, do you actually wake up like this?"

Lara: (laughing politely) "No, not at all."

Me: "Ok, so tell us about your morning routine?"

Lara told me that she's not really a morning person (she's normal!) and on days off duty, she tends to keep it minimal.

It was a good time for her to show me some of her products and she specially mentioned that she uses the LB cream in the range, which is like a tinted moisturiser but with a bit more coverage.


How to nail Lara Bingle’s killer cover-look

Lara confessed to sometimes "picking her face" (holy shit, she is normal!) but said that using the cream gives enough coverage for day time.

She also mentioned how travelling so much causes her to breakout (Hey Lara! I'm a great travel buddy. I've got heaps of dog-eared Lonely Planets you can borrow!) And she likes to have something on hand that treats the skin as well as provides some base.

Lara said usually she would pass on mascara, but opt for a contour and highlight using her own products instead.

"It's really about the natural look and getting the skin looking good. It's not about covering up, but just enhancing what you've got."

At this point I was acutely aware I had basically applied my foundation with a trowel in the car on the way there, but nodded along as though I was a like-minded, fresh-faced beauty.

I moved on to ask Lara if she had any skincare secrets she could share, given her experience in the industry.

"Sunscreen, tanning, bronzing and skin illuminators, I think. I basically just wanted to create a line of things that I would use myself. I didn't want to do a range of cosmetics including mascara and blush and all that, because that's not what I use. I'm into the minimal look"

(Of course I chose today of all days to wear the most obnoxious red lipstick I own and now here I am chin wagging with the queen of natural beauty.)

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I asked her about the beauty product she can't live without.

"The body glow. I take it on holidays. It's basically like a hydrating, moisturising glow that smells, well, just like a holiday."

God damn it, she was right. As L (I can call her that now being her bestie and all) leaned over to waft the elegant looking bottle under my snout, I got a good whiff of the most amazing coconut yumminess and had to catch myself before I drooled on the blindingly white couch.

I commended Lara on her amazing ability to showcase a range of tanning products while dressed in head to toe white. (I on the other hand, had already managed to draw pen on my leg despite only being seated for four minutes.)

Lara said that she created the range so that she had something else to talk about rather than herself, adding that it can be draining being in the spotlight so much.  I nodded in agreement, but secretly had no idea what she meant given that I'm elated if anyone so much as 'likes' a picture of my dinner on Instagram.

She did, however, give me a tip on tanning (because besties do that) which in turn I will share with you.

"Apply a cold compress to your face before applying fake tan, it closes pores and prevents the tan from sinking in."

She moved on to say she really wanted to focus on colour (read: not orange) and perfume within the range and noted that "every man knows the smell of fake tan".

I asked about her recent haircut, while mentally making plans to hack off and bleach my hair in order to be just like my homegirl, and she told me it was a spur of the moment thing (I love that about her, always have) and that it basically requires no work. (I'm listening...)


Lara said the tip is to not use conditioner because it makes the hair "boofy" but that you can use sea salt spray for some texture.

My time was running out so I continued on the fitness trend (God knows why, a Kit-Kat wrapper was sticking out of my bag. She knew what I was) and I heard that L isn't one of these nut bags who works out daily (normal).

Instead, she has a routine that she can do anywhere, and will choose to go for a run when she lacks motivation.

Just as she was about to invite me over for a DVD sesh, my time was up.  Before I was cut off by some rude bastard with the allotted time slot after mine, Lara agreed to a few shots for Instagram (and likely for the frame beside her bed).

And here, my friends, is how the boob touching took place.

I stood up. She stood up.

She made the first move to put her arm around me, so I followed suit. At that exact moment though we did that awkward miscalculation of personal space and her inner arm legit touched my boob. Side boob admittedly, but boob.

There was a moment of uncomfortable strangeness, but being such close friends I'm sure we will laugh about it for years to come.

The base by Lara Bingle is available for pre order from Novermber 20 at