5 questions to ask yourself before cutting a Bingle Bob

Four days ago the women of Australia collectively lost our minds when Lara Bingle uploaded a new photo to Instagram. The image, showing off her new jaw-grazing, freshly blonded bob was liked over 12.4k times, made the news and had many of us thinking, ‘Could I pull off Bingle’s bob?’ Apparently  people are already asking their stylists for “The Lara Bingle haircut”.

Her latest photograph of the chop, with maybe-hubby Sam Worthington, has totally tipped us over the edge:

Lara Bingle with Sam Worthington, via Instagram.

Since cutting all your hair into a short bob comes with great responsibility (and a long commitment to growing it back), we spoke to the 2014 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Frank Apostolopoulos of BIBA, about who suits this style and how we can avoid bob regret.

1. What type of hair suits Lara’s bob?

The best type of hair for this cut is thick, fairly straight hair – that will give it a really naturally effortless look when it comes to styling. But if you have fine hair, you can always add a little more oomph by using a volume powder at the roots then blow-drying. Or if you have curly hair you can wear it with more of a wave / texture. It’s pretty versatile.

2. What kind of daily maintenance is required?

To make this look as naturally beautiful as possible, you just want to make sure you’re keeping your hair in top condition. Use a good quality professional care regime, with a once-weekly treatment, and go easy on heat styling – make sure you're using thermal protectant products if you can’t resist.


You’ll want to keep your colour in check and have regular trims to make sure it’s looking as healthy as possible. Don’t load it up with styling products either. A simple leave-in treatment or slight glossing product will ensure it’s got a silky sheen to it.

3. How often do I need to cut it to maintain the style?

I wouldn’t recommend leaving it more than 6-8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

4. What type of face shape suits this cut?

The great thing about this cut is that it’s really versatile to wear – so really almost anyone can get this cut and then it’s just down to how you style it. It can be worn in front of or behind the ears, over to one side, parted down the middle and even with a fringe to really change it up.

 5. Is there an age cut off? Or is it an all-age trend?

It’s definitely an all-age trend. This can look chic on anyone from Lara Bingle to Helen Mirren.

Think you're ready for a Bingle bob? We've put together a hairdresser-ready gallery of it from all angles (plus a bunch of other celebs of all ages who are rocking a bob right now).


Would you brave a  Lara Bingle bob?