Lara Bingle posts a pic of a sunset. The world thinks that means BABY.

We all need to cool our jets.

Lara Bingle has given birth to her first child.

Except it’s very likely that she’s actually hasn’t, but fans have lost their mind, welcoming a Bingle Baby, all because of one ridiculously cryptic Instagram post.

Here’s how it went down:

Bingle went to a beach. It was sunset. She took a photo. She uploaded it onto Instagram with the caption: “Arrived at the perfect time today. #sunset”

It’s just a sunset, you guys. Stop freaking out. Image via Instagram.

Fans immediately picked up on the supposed “confirmation of birth” and freaked the freak out.

But come on, you guys. Isn’t it possible that Bingle just arrived at a beach and thought the sunset would look awesome with an Instagram filter?

Bingle and her husband/baby daddy Sam Worthington.

The only thing people know for sure is this: Bingle is the queen of crypticness. Remember when she “got married” and announced it by changing her name on Instagram?

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We bet Bingle is sitting somewhere right now, watching out over the country’s freak out and laughing to herself, while rubbing her STILL pregnant belly.

Click through the gallery below for more cryptic Bingle goodness.

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