Lara Bingle Worthington just admitted to the biggest of hair sins. (And now we want to try it.)

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It’s widely regarded as one of the biggest hair sins you can commit – and Lara Bingle Worthington says it’s the secret she swears by to perfect her lob.

Yes, you now have a legitimate excuse for forgoing the hairdryer and falling asleep with wet hair. (Finally.)

“My hair is probably the most low-maintenance thing about me,” she told The Vault in a recent interview.

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“I never use a hair dryer – falling asleep with damp hair gives it the best shape when you wake up! In fact, I only comb it when absolutely necessary.”

She also favours the EVO ‘the therapist’ Calming Shampoo and Conditioner ($29.95).

Considering hairdressers have named the “Bingle Bob” as one of the most requested hairstyles of the year, the sleeping-with-wet-hair suggestion is definitely one worth taking note of. (Post continues after gallery.)

Admittedly, this tip made me very happy, I’ve been doing it for a while as I’ve found my curls look better when I leave them to dry overnight. The fact I don’t have to battle with the hair dryer at 10pm doesn’t hurt either.

But will going to bed with wet hair mean you’ll catch a cold? The good news is you can rest easy (and, well, with wet hair.)

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While it’s something we’ve been told countless times by our mums, according to Dr Charles Smith of the Family and Preventative Medicine Department at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, there’s actually no medical evidence to support that sleeping with wet hair will give you a cold.

This is primarily because colds are infections caused by viruses, not from physically feeling cold or wet. The viruses typically spread from physical contact, either directly or through intermediate surfaces.

Going to bed with wet hair won't give you a cold. Image via iStock.

It's the same situation for going outside with wet hair - you will not get a cold simply because your hair is wet.

So, with that myth dispelled, we're firmly in the Team Wet Hair camp with Bingle-Worthington.

The model and businesswoman also shared some of her other beauty and fitness secrets - including that she's recently taken up "Skype ballet" as  a way to stay fit with little time.

"My friend, actress Phoebe Tonkin recommended it to me. It’s such a great workout and you don’t have to leave your house," she said.

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As for her beauty mantra? It's proof that Bingle's inner Aussie hasn't gone anywhere.

"My approach to beauty has always been about not adding layers on top of what I already have, but building layers within. I swear by old fashioned remedies such as swimming in the salty sea and drinking water for clear and radiant skin," she says.

Does going to bed with wet hair work for you? Would you try it?

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