Tuesday's news in under 2 minutes.

1. A 17-year-old Australian high school student has written a film about a young male student who has fallen in love with his male best friend. Kim Ho‘s video, The Language of Love, has been viewed almost 150,000 times on YouTube since it was uploaded earlier this year.  Ho originally wrote a monologue that was entered in Fresh Ink, a competition for young playwrights, that was then turned into a short film.

You can watch the clip below.

2. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson and her former husband Charles Sacchi have made a statement regarding their divorce. The joint statement reads: “A divorce will proceed on the undefended basis, the decree nisi is to be pronounced on 31 July, and neither party will be making any financial claims against the other”. The 10-year marriage ended after Saachi was photographed with his hands around Lawson’s neck at a London cafe last month.

Prime Minister Kevin RuddThe Financial Review reports

4. New research from Universities Australia shows that almost two-thirds of university students are living below the poverty line. In a survey of 12,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students it was revealed that one in five students sometimes goes without food. This statistic has risen from one in eight students in 2006. Significant financial stress is unsurprisingly even greater for students from low socio-economic backgrounds or Indigenous students.

Terry Ragland

5. A woman in the US state of Tennessee has expressed outrage after she went to the doctor complaining of back pain and was told she was suffering from a case of ‘ghetto booty’. Terry Ragland, 55, told local media: “I think I blacked out after he said ghetto booty. I think my mind was just stuck on the phrase because I couldn’t believe he said that.” The doctor who gave Ms Ragland the diagnosis said he was trying to make technical conversation about back pain “less technical”.

6. Australian NRL team the Jillaroos has won the 2013 Rugby League World Cup in the UK. The team ended New Zealand’s 13 year winning streak in the sport – and was Australia’s first women’s World Cup win. Jillaroos coach Paul Dyer said, “We never gave up against a bigger and stronger team and in the end, wore them down with brilliant defence.”

7. A British woman has died after trying to swim between Britain and France to raise money for charity. Susan Taylor, who was in her 30s, had raised over $AU5000 for Rainbow Children’s Hospice and almost the same amount for Diabetes UK.