‘What is this sorcery?’ 11 women tried the boujee face cream that targets fine lines and dark spots.

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Whether a beauty enthusiast or a complete novice, the world of skincare can be an overwhelming place. 

The list of ingredients that are good for our skin (and in what order again?) to deliver results often goes way beyond the average beauty user's comprehension. 

We've all been guilty of stopping mid-aisle, panic-googling the difference between BHAs and AHAs. 

There's been a recent wave in beauty circles online to simplify skincare, to make it more accessible and to find the best multitaskers in our routines to maximise results. Building your skincare routine has become a game of strategy than ever before, to achieve those skin goals with the smallest number of strong players possible. 

Some products are making this easier on us, like Lancôme's Renergie H.P.N 300-Peptide Cream.

Image: Lancôme.


Like many of us, if you're targeting ageing skin and wanting to combat fine lines and dark spots, you’ll want to gravitate towards ingredients like peptides, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide – the power of this trio can make all the difference. 

The Lancôme Renergie H.P.N 300-Peptide Cream packs in 300 types of natural peptides to target skin firmness, elasticity and fine lines. It contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to smooth, hydrate and plump the skin, as well as niacinamide, which contributes to skin smoothing and combatting dark spots, with the added bonus of skin tone management.

Now to test the performance of said product. We had 85 women in our You Beauty Panel rate it first and report back on their experience of using samples of the Renergie H.P.N 300-Peptide Cream over 4 weeks (because there's no better recommendation than one tried-and-tested from another beauty girlie).  

A peek at the stats: 99 per cent of Panellists agreed they liked the overall look and feel of the product. 88 per cent said the cream met their expectations and 87 per cent said they'd be recommending it to family and friends!


For an inside look, here are some of their honest thoughts after trialling it for themselves. 

Rebecca, NSW: “Visible improvement to texture and elasticity."

“Transformative! Visible improvement to texture and elasticity. Loved the light texture and scent of the cream, even with the light texture the cream felt very nourishing and was suitable for day use even for my oily skin. I used this cream consistently for a month and noticed visible improvements to the texture of the skin on my neck, around my mouth and eyes. [The] cream wore really well under makeup and was a luxurious night cream, waking up with noticeably plumper skin.” 

Alana, NSW: “Helped fade a few dark spots on my forehead."

“Excellent – Lancôme Renergie H.P.N 300-Peptide Cream helped fade a few dark spots on my forehead so I’ll be re-purchasing!” 

Michelle, QLD: “What is this sorcery?” 

Image: You Beauty Panel. 


“11/10 good! What is this sorcery? Sad dull skin now feels plump, smoother and looks brighter. The best part is how improved the texture of my skin is. So, so good! Have already bought more and there is an option for a refill which is great sustainability.” 

Bianca, VIC: “Left my skin super soft and plumped."

Image: You Beauty Panel. 


“This cream is lovely, has a rich, creamy formula and feels luxurious, it smells beautiful. It has a great consistency, it's non-greasy and easily absorbed. My skin felt really hydrated for some time after using it, even after the first use. It’s a super luxurious cream that is full of hyaluronic acid, peptides and niacinamide leaving my skin super soft and plumped. 

"I have noticed that my fine lines look less pronounced and that my dark spots seem to be fading away. It made my skin look fresh all over. I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and my normal skin was suffering a bit with some dry patches. My regular products were having little impact to hydrate and repair. I tried some facial oils I was recommended, but these made no noticeable impact either. This cream has helped my skin tremendously. I would definitely recommend this product and I would definitely buy this product.”

Lisa Marie, QLD: “Definite smoothing and suppleness.”

Image: Supplied. 


“I noticed a well hydrated and plumped up feel to my skin after the very first use. I noticed a definite smoothing and suppleness especially to my neck and cheek area.” 

Joanne, ACT: “My hairdresser asked me what I was doing differently.” 

“Initially, I found it quite thick compared to what I normally used but quickly saw the difference it made to the fine lines, moisture levels and plumpness of my skin. My hairdresser asked me what I was doing differently as my skin was glowing and looked fantastic. She went out and purchased it the next day!” 

Helen, VIC: “Leaving my skin with a healthy, youthful glow.”

“This cream visibly reduced the depth of my wrinkles and smoothed out my fine lines, while leaving my skin with a healthy, youthful glow.” 


Erica, SA: “Very lightweight.” 

Image: You Beauty Panel.

“Great. I used the product under makeup in the mornings but also after retinol in the evenings. Very lightweight despite having a thick texture, non-sticky and had a nice pleasant smell which wasn't too overpowering. I found it left my skin feeling hydrated and soft.” 


Talia, VIC: “You immediately feel its richness.”

“What an excellent cream! From the fresh and uplifting scent – not at all overpowering – to the silky cream texture, to the elegant packaging. While the cream applies so evenly and absorbs instantly, with zero tackiness or shine, you immediately feel its richness. Honestly, the improvements to my skin were instantly visible from the first application, but within two weeks there was a really noticeable change – my skin seems to have my fine lines and texture visibly less pronounced. I have somewhat sensitive reactive skin and this didn't irritate me at all, no redness or discomfort. The texture works really well under both makeup and sunscreen, and offers a nice smooth canvas for foundation.” 

Kate, VIC: “This cream left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.” 

“Great! This cream left my skin feeling super soft and hydrated in the morning.” 

Jess, NSW: “I like the fragrance (fancy!) and especially the thick, creamy texture.”

“I really enjoyed testing this product – I like the fragrance (fancy!) and especially the thick, creamy texture. It felt very nourishing for winter but still had a slightly matte finish (I'm okay with the glazed donut look but I get that some people aren't). I didn't have any adverse reactions to the product, it felt quite soothing. I used it after my vitamin C in the AM and I followed it with a few drops of oil in the PM so it fitted nicely into my winter skin routine.”

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Feature Image: You Beauty Panel/Mamamia. 

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