We're convinced that Lana Jeavons-Fellows is the new Bachelorette.

Here at The Motherish, we have a theory.

It’s not a fleeting thought. It’s not an inkling. It’s a solid hypothesis, which we’ve rigorously investigated, and we now have some strong* evidence to support it.

*dubious at best. 

Lana Jeavons-Fellows, the luscious-haired runner up of the 2015 season of The Bachelor, is totes the new Bachelorette.

The theory was first established by Dr. Rosie Waterland, during an episode of the highly-esteemed TV show podcast, The Binge. When asked her opinion on who the next Bachelorette would be, Dr. Waterland, who is internationally recognised as the leading expert in all things Bachelor/Bachelorette-related, said, “I have noticed that Lana, the girl who came second on The Bachelor last year, has been popping up on the Daily Mail every day…. and I feel like she is very subtly getting put in the spotlight by some savvy publicists.”

She continued, “Nobody just out of nowhere just starts appearing in the Daily Mail everyday, so I get the feeling that it may be her.”

Listen to Rosie Waterland pose her theory here:

She has a point. But, of course she has a point. She’s a world-renowned expert for gods sake.

So let’s review the five most compelling pieces of evidence that suggest Lana Jeavons-Fellows is indeed, the next Bachelorette.

The best predictor of what happens on The Bachelorette, is what happens on The Bachelor. Right?

Essentially, The Bachelorette is the feminist answer to The Bachelor, and it imitates the style and structure of it’s predecessor. SO, if Richie Strahan, who was in Sam Frost’s words, ‘the real runner-up’ of The Bachelorette, is Australia’s new Bachelor, it LOGICALLY FOLLOWS that the runner-up of The Bachelor will be our Bachelorette. It’s just science.

Call me Einstein.

"Lana simply must be the next Bachelorette." Image via Giphy.

Lana's exit from the show was an emotional shock.

It was widely anticipated that Lana would win The Bachelor, with Sam Wood appearing to favour her over his ultimate winner, Snezana Markoski. He seemed completely enamoured with Lana, and while it was likely (read: definitely) the work of clever production, Australia was led to believe that Lana would be left standing with the final rose, and the ugly cheezel ring.

The ring was just so damn ugly. Image via Channel 10.

It was nothing short of emotionally traumatising when he stood in front of her and announced that she wasn't the one for him. We felt for her. She had been led along, on national television, by a guy who was clearly in love with someone else.

Sound familiar?

Regram: @georgiahullmakeup #photoshoot for @cleoaustralia ?

A photo posted by Sam Frost (@fro01) on



Australia loves a heartbroken woman making a comeback to find the love she truly deserves.

She really has featured heavily in The Daily Mail lately. 

The Daily Mail has been reporting Lana-related non-news for months, from an article simply confirming that she has legs, which apparently resemble the number '11'. to a story about her attending a cocktail party. If I didn't know better I'd think they were trying to boost her public profile and get her back into the spotlight, so that when they announce that she's the next Bachelorette, we're all fully aware of how exciting her life has been since we last saw her on TV.

She's 'happy' for Sam and Snezana.


Following the engagement of Sam and Snezana, the press seemed very interested in Lana's reaction. Would she be happy for the soon-to-be-wedded couple? Would she be jealous? In January The Daily Mail reported that Lana was very happy for Sam and Snez, which would make perfect sense if she was about to GO ON TV AND FIND LOVE OF HER OWN. Am I right???

Eugh. Someone get me an honorary PhD and call me a genius.

Last, but not least, her Instagram is QUITE telling.

Lana's Instagram depicts a rather colourful, glamorous and exciting life for your typical ex-Bachelor contestant. Her account shows photoshoot after photoshoot after photoshoot, with a couple of (we assume) product endorsements thrown in.

This two-piece by @amber_chloe [email protected] #loveit #botanicalsbycottononbody A photo posted by Lana Jeavons-fellows (@lanajf) on


Well now, don't you look beautiful there.

Yes, I'd be keeping you bronzed if you were about to BE THE NEXT BACHELORETTE.  


Smoothies - AYE?! Going on a health kick for your upcoming TV show?!

Just hanging around ? #sundayafternoon ? @colemanphoto ? @sabrinamelei

A photo posted by Lana Jeavons-fellows (@lanajf) on

I also look like this when I'm just 'hanging around'.

So there you have it. If Lana Jeavons-Fellows isn't the new Bachelorette, I'll eat my rose. Surely no one's Instagram account is that exciting unless they're about to embark on an emotional, romantic, TV journey in front of Australia.