Is this the biggest haircut in TV history?

Image: Downton Abbey

Anyone who has ever watched Downton Abbey knows two things:

1) It is a big deal when a spoon gets stolen.


2) Lady Mary never changes her hair.

Mary, who is played by Michelle Dockery, has had the same hair since the show premiered in 2010.

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Although she’s lived through the sinking of Titanic, the Great War, lost a husband and a sister, had a baby and is now a single mum, one thing has always remained the same – her hairstyle. Brown hair, parted on the side, pulled back into a low bun or plait; if you’re lucky you might see a headpiece or sparkly clip. The only time this changes is when her maid is brushing it.

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Yep, Lady Mary’s hair is as predictable as Lady Gaga wearing a cat made of pasta as a bra.

Well, at least, that’s what we thought... But then Lady Mary got a haircut.

And not just any haircut – a drastic chop in the form of a bob:

Lady Mary with her son, George.


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Considering the show is in its fifth season, and is now set in a completely different decade to when it began, this chop was a much-needed change. Does this mean we are going to see a new side to Lady Mary? One can only hope.

Perhaps she’ll wear a new shade of eye shadow next week? Or dare we say... red lipstick? Scandal.