Everyone is losing it over the outfit Lady Gaga wore on a bush hike.

If someone asked me to name my ultimate ‘hiking outfit’ I’d say a pair of comfy Nike sneakers, your most well-worn pair of trusty leggings and maybe a hooded jumper in case the wind picks up.

Things I wouldn’t say?

A full length black skirt with a thigh-high split and a pair of $1,000 nude heels.

Unless of course, I’ve magically turned into Lady Gaga overnight and last time I checked, that wasn’t the case.

Because that’s EXACTLY what the 31-year-old donned for a recent hike with her boyfriend in The Hamptons.

It’s far from the craziest thing the Born This Way singer has worn (*cough* dress made out of raw meat *cough*), but it’s definitely up there on the list of ‘Things You Probably Shouldn’t Wear Hiking Because There Is A High Chance You Might Break An Ankle’.

Or, it could just be that Gaga has reached a level of ‘sports chic’ we can only ever aspire to.

Yeah, it’s definitely that.

Naturally, Twitter responded to the pics the best way it knows how: with a combination of hilarious memes and recognition that Gaga is, indeed, a Queen who is not afraid to wear whatever the hell she pleases.



Let’s be honest, though, having a pair of five-inch heels on hand while hiking in the woods could very well come in handy… if you need to chop down a few trees to build a shelter, or protect yourself against a venomous snake.

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