Offspring's Lachy Hulme has a secret "mission" every time he acts opposite Asher Keddie.

Nina Proudman and Martin Clegg: could we possibly love the Offspring characters more than we already do?

As it turns out, yes we can.

In a new interview Lachy Hulme, who plays Dr Clegg, has shared what really goes on behind his dramatic scenes with co-star Asher Keddie.

“To make Asher laugh while the cameras are rolling is my mission. If I can make Asher lose her s*** in a scene I go home a happy man,” the actor told

Probably laughed before this. Image via Channel 10.

“I make notes. I think ‘I might be able to get her on this one [scene] today.'

"Asher and I feed off each other. She gives as good as she gets. She comes in prepped for me, too."


Sometimes, Hulme admits, it gets to a point where the two actors can't look at each other during dramatic scenes because they'll just burst out laughing.

She's very good at restraining the giggles... Image: Channel 10.

“[W]e went to dinner and I said, ‘We’ve really got to pull it back or we won’t get any work done if this keeps going’," Hulme added.

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