4 skills you should teach your kids that might save a life

"My sister was very sick. My mum caught it and now she's fainted."

These are the words of five-year-old Lachlan Beard who dialed Triple O and asked for an ambulance for his mum who collapsed last Sunday while the little boy was watching a movie. Talk about little heroes.

Lachlan was in the family home in Robina in Queensland when the incident happened. Laclan's sister Ella, 3, and Charlie, 1, were in bed with the same virus when his mum Rebekah got up for a glass of water and passed out.

"Lachlan was sitting on the couch watching a movie," she told The Gold Coast Bulletin. "He asked me if I was all right and that is the last thing I remember."

When Lachlan got through to emergency workers he calmly explained the situation, gave them his mum's mobile number and said, "My mum has fainted but I am like right next to her sitting on the couch."

The operator can then be heard telling Lachlan to get his mummy on her side into the recovery position which he does. When he repled that she was vomiting the operator told him to tilt her head back, and he does that.

And there you have it. This little boy just saved his mum's life.

When he got off the phone Lachlan turned all the lights on in the house and unlocked the door in preparation for ambulance officers who arrived moments later.

Lachlan's mum says her son is unbelieveable. "In the midst of absolute chaos, he wasn't affected at all. He did an amazing job."

Mrs Beard's other children, Ella, 3, and Charlie, 1, were also sick in bed with the same virus. The mum was treated in Robina Hospital and made a full recovery.

Emergency medical dispatcher Leanne Harvey who took Lachlan's call said he was the youngest caller she's ever had.

"The way he handled things was so amazing. He has an old head on a young person's shoulders," she said.

Would you child be able to save your life?

Children are never too young to learn how to react to an emergency. From the age of five you can teach them the following four easy steps. It doesn't have to be scary. Calmly explain that if you ever fall onto the ground and can't get up they should:

1. Dial Triple O and explain the situation;

2. Do what emergency staff tell them to do;

3. Give the operator your street address, which you have taught them;

4. Unlock the front door for ambulance officers only and wait by your side until they arrive.

Make sure you practice these steps with them. Children love to be given special responsibilities and as little Lachlan has shown us, they are more than capable of seeing them through.

Are there any other life-saving skills you think all young kids should have? 

Listen to Lachlan's brave 000 call here: