"It was a disgrace": A dad is outraged he wasn't offered a drink during his wife's labour.

In perhaps the greatest injustice plaguing the public health system; a man was NEVER OFFERED A DRINK while his partner was in labour for 12 hours.


Posting to online forum The Dadsnet last week, the anonymous man titled the post "2nd class citizens", and shared his experience of... not getting enough attention while his partner heaved a human baby out of her vagina nearby.


No, really:

"Currently having a newborn in hospital waiting for his arrival. Just hit me that dads on labour wards seem to be invisible," he posted.

"Sat yesterday for 12 hours never offered a drink or anything I felt invisible. It was a disgrace and made me feel quite mad. All the tax and national insurance I pay and not even a courtesy of a teabag now and then or even just like I had a right to be there supporting my missus and waiting for our miracle."


That poor, poor man. We really hope he's OK and hasn't shrivelled up from dehydration.

"Have any of you experienced same treatment?," he asked the online community.

Thankfully - for our opinion of the male race -  no dads took the side of the original poster.

If fact, most were viciously damning of his unprecedented levels of selfishness.

We couldn't have put it better than this particular man:

"Two things toolbelt," he brilliantly began his eloquent schooling of the original poster. (We are most certainly filing ‘toolbelt’ away as an insult to use in future).

"1: This experience should never be about you. But since your frail ego can’t seem to handle that… Congratulations on putting your pee-pee in a vagina until climax. Might I offer you a beverage? Perhaps a tea?


"2: If you were there for the missus… ACTIVELY there for the missus, you wouldn’t “feel invisible” you’d be too concerned with her to care.

"Every hospital I’ve ever been to I acknowledge my role as support for the patient. To encourage, make sure they know they aren’t alone, to help with pain, fear, and boredom. If I want a tea, I get it for myself. I ask the patient if they want something.

"The hospital staff has always treated me with kindness. They were accommodating, and complimentary. (Compliments make me uncomfortable).

"It’s obvious you’re somewhat of a selfish jerk. Because you take a time when your wife is in great pain, she’s scared, she’s anxious, she’s pushing a human out of her body… and you make a point to draw attention to how you were deprived of attention. Like I didn’t have a right to be there supporting my missus.

"What in the passive-aggressive, in no way did you actually feel this, narcissistic, self-prescribed, victimhood is this bullsh*t? I hope this child matures you."


When the man's original post was re-posted on Twitter, the great people of the internet didn't hold back either:




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