Parents vow to fight for new laws after their 6-month-old Kyran died in hospital.

Following the tragic death of six-month-old baby Kyran from a misdiagnosis at a NSW hospital, his parents Naomi and Grant Day are campaigning for tougher rules surrounding the diagnosis of illnesses in infants.

Noami and Grant are hoping to launch “Kyran’s rule” that makes sure that parents’ instincts are taken more seriously in hospital.

“I just don’t want this to happen to any other child again,” Naomi told Sunrise. “It’s just horrible and completely heartbreaking and we just want to be the voice for our children.”

The proposed “Kyran’s Rule” is inspired by “Ryan’s Rule” in Queensland, but the couple hope to make it national.

“Basically, if you’re in the hospital and you’re not happy with the treatment that you’re getting or you think something is seriously wrong, there will be a three-step process to take,” Naomi said.

The couple’s first child Kyran became ill on October 19, 2013 and was rushed to Shoalhaven Hospital.

“He couldn’t hold his own head up,” Naomi said. “His body was completely floppy.”

Kyran was diagnosed with gastro, but his parents were convinced that his condition was more serious.

Thirty hours later, doctors realised that Kyran actually had a bowel obstruction and he was raced to Sydney Children’s hospital, but he tragically suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

“He died from mismanagement,” Kyran’s father Grant said. “It was a treatable condition, but it was an emergency situation because the diagnosis of gastro was incorrect.”

Watch the full story here: 

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