What is Kynd? Everything you need to know about the new supplement brand at Coles.

Thanks to our brand partner, Kynd

Each winter, I dread the idea of falling sick. Trying to raise two boys, run a business and stay on top of a never-ending to-do list is the worst if you're coughing, sneezing or just feeling "meh".

So, I'm all for finding ways to help with my energy and get on top of the chillier months.

If you're like me, you might be spending a lot of time in the health food aisles right now. You might've seen a new product in the vitamin and supplement section at Coles called Kynd. Another supplement brand? Hang on, wait.

This brand has a "pay it forward" element to it. It's set up so when you buy, they will donate to an Australian in need, and it is kind to the planet, too.

Here's what you need to know about Kynd that sets it apart:

1. Kynd has ingredients based on science, and only science.

From their time volunteering in Tanzania, Kynd founder Matt Stenmark and his wife Jade saw the firsthand effects of poor nutrition and a planet struggling with environmental waste. Matt, who had worked in the health industry for almost 10 years, decided to develop a product range using ingredients based on scientific evidence that have been shown to support health and wellbeing. To enable Kynd to reach as many people as possible, Kynd is distributed by iNova Pharmaceuticals, which is known for trusted household brands like Demazin and Duro-Tuss.

2. Buying one product helps someone in need.

For every Kynd product you buy, a Kynd Immunity product will be donated to a person in need. You can feel good inside and out knowing you’re passing the kindness on while receiving a bit of self care too.

To top off those good feels, you can “Track your Kyndness” with the online tracker and find out where your donation will be going.


3. The packaging is sustainable. 

Your general vitamin or supplement usually comes in a plastic bottle with a plastic lid, right? But the majority of all plastic waste isn’t recycled, so having a more environmental solution is necessary so we can take better care of our planet.

The Kynd brand is all about sustainability and is taking a stand against plastic waste with a glass bottle, along with a cute cap made from bamboo. The glass bottles keep the supplements protected from moisture, and the best news is that the glass can be recycled over and over again.


The Kynd Fish Oil is sustainably sourced and is rigorously tested for any nasties, like heavy metals, that could be lurking. 

Look for the distinctive bamboo cap on the Kynd range in your local Coles.

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WE’RE LIVE! We’ve just launched with a new range of supplements that are based on scientific evidence! ⁠ We’re proud of these products that work to #BeKynd to you because it’s okay to put yourself and your health first ❤️ Plus, with every Kynd product purchased, we will be donating a pouch of Kynd Immunity Powder to a person in need, it’s kind to others! You can read all about the range online (link in bio). Available online and at your local @Colessupermarkets ⁠ ⁠ ...⁠ ⁠ Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.⁠ ⁠ ...⁠ ⁠ #Kynd #BeKynd #launch #newbrand #supplements #health #beauty #collagen #multivitamin

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4. So, what's actually in the Kynd supplements?

Let’s find out more about some of these new supplements and how they can support your health and wellbeing.

Women’s Multivitamin + Skin


Kynd’s specially formulated multivitamin and skin supplement contains vitamins, minerals and skin actives. With 21 vital nutrients, antioxidants and immune support, it helps to support energy levels, skin health and collagen formation.

Collagen + 30


As we age, the natural collagen in our skin starts to deplete. This becomes much more noticeable in our 30s as our once luscious skin becomes thinner and drier.

Collagen+ helps support your skin's elasticity and firmness with the benefit of a dual combination of bovine and marine collagen peptides, along with the skin health benefits of zinc.

Kynd Nutricosmetic Collagen FORTE

Kynd Nutricosmetic Collagen Forte. Image: Mamamia. 


For healthy hair, skin and nails, these sachets help increase your collagen levels and help protect your skin from cellular damage with marine collagen peptides and a range of other goodies, such as Vitamin C, Silica, Zinc, Biotin and the prebiotic Inulin.

The powder is mixed into a glass of water to drink, and has a very mild and pleasant berry flavour. They come in a pack of 10 and the convenience of the sachets is that you can stash them in your bag on your way to work or when you’re on the go so you never forget to take it! Too easy.

For more info about Kynd and the full range, visit

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*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional. Supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

Kynd is a range of health and beauty supplements that empower you to show kindness to yourself, to others and to the planet.