"Notice something?" Why WAG Kyly Clarke's Christmas tree looks different this year.

Last Christmas, Kyly and Michael Clarke were only weeks into their life as first-time parents to daughter Kelsey Lee.

This time around, the couple’s little girl has just turned one. As any parent will know, having a one year old child around the house necessitates a few… well, adjustments. And not even the Christmas tree is immune.

Kyly shared a photo of the family’s white, freshly-decorated tree on Instagram on Sunday.

And the tree is up!!!! Kelsey Lee & I rocking this Sunday! #familia #christmas #1yr old ???????????????? Notice something?

A photo posted by K Y L Y C L A R K E (@kylyclarke) on

“Mumma said this is our new style Xmas tree for a one year old!” the image read.

In her caption, the Lyfestyled founder challenged her followers to suss out exactly what this “new style” entailed, writing, “And the tree is up!!!! … Notice something?”

Go on — scroll up and take another look.


While her cricketer husband decided to focus on the red stocking attached to the tree — “I hope that stocking is for me!” he commented — her more eagle-eyed fans were quick to cotton on.

“No baubles down the bottom,” one observed.

It seemed Kyly wasn’t the only Mum taking precautions to protect both her tree and her little person. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Mine is the same, also because of a 1 year old,” one fan shared.

“Nothing like having the baubles out of harms way,” another added, while a third pointed out that glass ornaments might be out of the question for “a few years yet”.

Regardless of where the baubles are positioned, it’s one nice-lookin’ tree.