Fans say Kylie Minogue's ex-fiancé just took a dig at her with this Instagram post.

After Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse severed their engagement in the final months of 2016, it’s slowly become clear that the end to their relationship was a turbulent one.

While the 49-year-old singer candidly admitted during the week that “honestly, once I was on my own it was better,” Sasse, 30, has been silent on the matter.

Until, according to some eagle-eyed fans, he posted this on Instagram during the week:

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Alongside the quote, the British actor wrote in his caption:

“None of it is. When your roof is leaking, when you lose your job, when you lose someone in your life – none of it is personal. You are a part of the universe like a wave is a part of the ocean. It’s not personal when some of a riverbank is eroded or an oak falls down in a storm. That is just the nature of life, ebb & flow.

“Don’t hold on to it – the minute you let go of trying to control everything, it will all come back to you and then you will realise that none of it matters – and then you can carry on with your life without this weight you’ve had on your back. Let go.”

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This, apparently, is all a dig at Minogue. Apparently.

Given the timing – Kylie just sat down with The Sun‘s veteran celebrity reporter Dan Wootton on the weekend to reveal “we just were not meant to be together” – fans have taken Sasse’s words as a purposeful dig at his former fiancée.

“Your true intentions towards Kylie came out within hours of the split,” one person commented.

Another added: “If this is a dig at Kylie… then you need to give up and fast. Don’t you think you’ve caused enough sh*t for her this past year? … She’s the victim in all this not you.”

On the other hand, this post could just be one of many motivational quotes and poems Sasse shares on his page. In just the last fortnight, the actor has shared seven posts of a similar nature.

So, are we all reading too much into this? Or was Sasse really taking a dig?

You tell us.

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