Happy birthday, Ms Minogue!

It’s Kylie Minogue’s birthday – the perfect excuse to look back through her sparkling, perm-tastic career.

Today, when she’s not busy mentoring her team on The Voice, Kylie Minogue will be blowing out 46 birthday candles.

Yep – Charlene, one of our Ramsay Street favourites, is 46.

As she’s been in the public eye since the age of 11, we’ve watched Kylie grow and change throughout the years. Many of us will recall her perm-tastic Neighbours era, her relationship with Michael Hutchence, the so-called “indie Kylie” of the mid-90s, the emergence of the gold hotpants and everything that’s happened in between and since.

She’s a permanent and beloved fixture in Australia’s popular culture and by the look of things, the lady they once dubbed the “singing budgie” isn’t going anywhere soon. Kylie released her twelfth studio album Kiss Me Once in March, is currently working as a judge and coach on The Voice Australia, and will embark on her thirteenth concert tour later this year. Just reading that makes us want to lie down.

Anyone who’s seen the clip for her recent single Sexercise will attest that age can’t hold this goddess back.

CLICK THROUGH to take a look back at Kylie through the years…

Happy birthday, you fabulous woman. Here’s to your 46 years and to many, many more.

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