Can you spot a new Aussie It Couple in this picture?

Say it’s so! This is the best Logies gossip we’ve heard all week…

So, apparently, at the most intimate Logies after-party this very cute couple flirted up a storm.

We’re talking about Ms Kylie Minogue and Mr Andy Lee.

Andy dropped by the Today show set still in his Logies suit at 5.30am on Monday. Where's the bow-tie, Andy?

According to News Corp, after Sunday night's big TV bash, Kyle and Andy "only had eyes for each other" at an exclusive party at Shane Warne's Club 23, part of the Crown complex.

At around midnight, Kylie, 45, and Andy, 32, were deep in conversation and she had his jacket over her shoulders and was later spotted wearing his bow tie.

“They made the sweetest couple and nobody could take their eyes off them," a source tells News. "They were very flirtatious and looked to be thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.”

The pair apparently left the party separately, around 2am.

It must be said that Andy did look like he'd had a pretty good night when he wandered past the Today show set on his way back to his room at around 5.30am on Monday. Without a bow-tie, we notice.

Kylie's been single since her split with long-term Spanish hunk Andres Valencoso last year, while Andy has refused to discuss his love life publicly since his split with Megan Gale back in 2010.

We love Kylie, and we love Andy, so this is one rumour we're choosing to believe. For now, at least.

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