Kylie Jenner's baby girl is barely a week old, and already has a wardrobe worth $88,000.

If there was an Oscars-type ceremony for reality TV, Kylie Jenner and her baby would probably take home every award.

She’d certainly be a shoe-in for the ‘Most Speculated About Pregnancy’ trophy. And the ‘Most Well-Timed Birth Announcement Post’ Award.

And, upon close inspection of the 11-minute video that accompanied the news a mini Kylie had been born on February 1, we’re happy to award the one-week-old the award for ‘Most Lavish Newborn Wardrobe’.

While the video was full of touching moments like 20-year-old Kylie snuggling her baby daddy Travis Scott and a first glimpse of Chicago West, there was also a full 15 seconds of the video dedicated to explicitly showing off Baby Girl Jenner’s wardrobe.

The camera pans through at least SEVEN racks of designer shoes – including a one-of-a-kind pair of Nike sneakers gifted by Kylie’s best friend Jordyn Woods – along with closets packed full of designer baby clothes in every imaginable shade of pink.

kylie jenner baby clothes
Image via YouTube.

According to a TMZ report back in October - a full four months before Kylie gave birth and before the world was even 100 per cent certain of the baby's impending arrival - Kylie had been stocking up on "high end baby gear" throughout her pregnancy.

kylie jenner baby clothes
Image via YouTube.

The site claimed she had become a bit of an online shopping fiend, "surfing the web for high-end designer clothing and baby accessories".

Months before the baby's birth, Kylie had reportedly already filled an entire wardrobe with designer threads for her little girl, worth a whopping AU$88,000.

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Of course, Kylie's fans couldn't hold back their amusement when given a glimpse into the fashionable life of the as-yet-unnamed baby:


In the days since Kylie went public with her daughter's arrival, the youngest Kardashian has been showered with lavish gifts by her famous family and friends.

She returned to Snapchat to share images of the flower arrangements she had received from her family to celebrate her daughter's birth.

kylie jenner flowers gifts
Image via Snapchat.

While Kylie's 'secret' pregnancy and touching birth announcement remind us that yes, the Kardashians are indeed very real people, it's also true that extravagance is their middle name.